Written by The Gasman

31 Dec 2009

Hi..... I last submitted about an encounter which happened when I used to work as a reader for a supply company. Fortunately since then I've been promoted, and apart from having the benefits of working from home a lot of the time, I also get around my region on infrequent but beneficial (some of the time) basis. Being my own boss with my time management, so to speak, I don't have the same time contraints as before either.

Anyway, I was sat at home ploughing through the endless drival of work emails, when I came accross a customer complaint - the last thing I needed on Christmas Eve!! Allegedly, one of the guys had damaged a meterbox, the customer was livid and it needed sorting. So, I dragged the details of the system and made the dreaded call to the customer to arrange for a repair. It was a male voice on the other end who, after I explained the reason for the call, quickly passed me onto the wife saying she was the one who complained, and I'd best sort it out with her. She seemed ok but wanted it sorted sooner rather than later as she was concerned the damaged door would fall and injure someone.

I told her I had the details and would be over mid pm. She said her husband would be picking up the children from his ex, but either her or his uncle (presumably stopping for the festive period) would be there.

So there I was, driving across the moor in the sodding rain on Xmas eve, to fix a bloody meterbox door! Eventually I arrived at the village and located the property, out on it's own with a nice tree-lined drive, but a locked gate - I was early though! Donning my waterproof jacket and with my bag of bitz n bobs, I used the side gate and started my walk up to the house.

I knocked on the door, with no reply. All the time I was getting soaked to the skin, so decided I'd give it another 5 mins or so then send it back as a failed visit. However, for some reason, I decided to have a quick walk around the outside of the house hoping to find the box - after all, if they had all gone out, I could still get the problem sorted.

Nothing down the right-hand side, I went around the back. As is typical these days, a conservatory had been plonked on the back of the building. A couple of the upper windows were open and music was playing. As I came further around the back it hit me. A very clear side on vision of a woman on all fours, very large tits swinging, being fucked hard from behind by a guy with a very impressive large cock. I backed away quietly for fear of disturbing them, but positioned myself so I could still hear them fucking hard and her egging him to stretch her pussy with his thick cock and shoot his cum deep inside her.

I'll give the guy his credit, not only did he not need encouragement, but for someone who looked in his late years, he certainly had some stamina.

I've always had a bit of a voyeuristic streak, so took more than one opportunity to try and get a better look - He was certainly giving her what she wanted. I was wet and cold, but my cock was straining against my trousers. If the weather had been kinder I would have had no problem getting it out and having a hard wank. Deciding to give it just a little while longer, I sneaked a view around the edge of the window. The guy was now laid on his back, his cock pointing straight up and the female, legs spread, lowering a gaping pussy (a fairly hairy one at that) onto his thick rod. Squatting, she lowered until fully impaled and then rode him as hard as she could, large tits with quite long erect nipples, bouncing heavily with every thrust. This was too much for me and I cum in my trousers after giving my cock a rub through the material.

I went back to the front of the house to tidy myself up, and hoped my knocking on the door again would get a reply this time. Bingo, an answer. Unfortunately though it was the lucky guy who had been having fun. I explained who I was and the reason for being there, and he shouted to the female. She appeared now fully dressed (well, loose top and a pair of jogging bottoms) and showed me around to the back of the house and the problem box.

"Enjoy what you saw?"

Slightly taken aback I tried to be coy, but was interrupted by her saying that she had seen me from the start and putting on the show had made her even hornier. I said jokingly that I was glad to help when her hand started rubbing the front of my trousers and my cock, still a little sticky where I had cum earlier, was stiffening up nicely. I returned the favour, initially rubbing her pussy through the material, but then got bolder and slipped my hand inside. Her pussy was still gaping and wet, she moaned but told me that I'd have to wait another time as her husband and his kids were on their way back.

Slightly disappointed, I removed my hand and went to complete the repair job, but she stopped me, pulled me up and my flies down. I was now as hard as ever and her hand went inside and released my throbbing cock. She went down onto her knees and licked the shaft before taking the whole length down her throat. I was able to play with her nipples which seemed even longer and harder than earlier. This only continued for a few more mins; I had cum earlier but this was just too much and I released another load of cum down her throat.

We heard a car horn and she stood up. She explained that her husband was back and disappeared. The guy from earlier appeared from the side and, with a wink, asked if the box had been sorted. I explained that I needed a few extra bits and would have to come back in the New Year.

Collecting my gear, and still soaking wet and cold I might add, I made my way back down the drive to my car. Her husband bid me seasons greetings and said he was away on business in the New Year, so would leave his wife again to 'sort' me out.

I might not have the tools of his uncle, but can't wait to sort her box out!!

Happy New Year