Written by fellatricia

25 Jun 2019

My husband unlocked the door to the flat -- me and the girl almost fell in . I pulled my blouse off and turned to face the girl, Julliet. Her eyes were locked on my tits , I grabbed her hands, pulled her towards me and put her hands on my tits , she stroked them gently - Go on, I told her kiss them. She started to kiss one of my nipples, my husband appeared at the other side and kissed the other one - wow having both tits kissed at the same time ... Julliet made no objection to my husband joining in the kissing.

I pulled away, and took off the girls blouse, then her bra - she had medium sized tits, they were nicely shaped and her nipples were already hard and sticking out. I kissed one, and my husband kissed the other, she did not object, she just moaned.

I then dropped to my knees and pulled her skirt down, no resisitance, she stepped out the skirt - I pulled her knickers down slowly -- oh god , i squealed, thats pretty, nice , nice -- O yes agreed my man . I put my hands on the girls bottom, pulled her towards me and kissed her cunt. I moved back slightly then pulled her cunt lips open and ran my tongue up and down and then round her now protruberant clitoris, she squealed hard and loud - Ooooooooo ! After a few minutes, I stepped back, whipped my skirt off, and showed myself to her naked -- Ooooo again "sans coullottes " she shouted . I put my hand behind her head , now say hallo to my cunt julliet , the same as I did yours - she stared at my cunt, the leant foward and kissed it then she ran her tongue up and down the same way as I had done her - The first time she'd kissed a girls cunt, but by golly she sure did it good. I pushed her down on the bed and pushed her legs wide open, then I knelt down on the floor and started to kiss and lick her, my husband had moved round the other side and was sucking her nipples. Well , there you go, her first cunt sucking and she went absolutely bannanas. Stop stop she squealed I can't stand it Oh Oh stop - I took no notice , I had my arms round the back of her kees and was holding her wrists tight -- how long !! well I read somewhere that most women take about 20 minutes to come . This girl reared up squealing and jerking her bottom up in about 5 mins my husband said. I pulled away then went back and sucked her off again - she was waialing and making horrible noises, I coudn't tell a word she was saying - she was rolling from side to side as if she was trying to get her cunt away from my tongue - then she let out a high pitched scream and came like an express train - she went all still, I pulled away, her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open and she looked unconcious (wrong wrong) Fucking hell said my husband, thats the best cunt sucking you've done so far. Wow

what happened next - tune in next time ...