Written by LuckyJon

13 Aug 2008

I wrote last week about how I have been having fantastic sex with a MILF next door to my work. After the great comments I will now tell you about how I was lucky enough to get it on with the 18yo daughter as well.

It was a couple of weeks ago on one of the hotter days we had (remember those). As we don\'t have air conditioning at work we had the windows wide open to let in a breeze.

Just after lunch we all heard some music start up, quiet at first and not intrusive, but after 20mins or so it became louder and louder. Now as it happens it was some very good dance music that I recognised as a CD I had so, it didn\'t bother me at all, but it did bother some of the others in the office who had calls to make.

I looked out of the window to see that Jess, the 18yo daughter of Jill, was by her car cleaning it out.

I said I would pop round and ask her to turn it down.

As I approached the gate all I could see was a pair of bare legs hanging out of the drivers door. I called out, but I wasn\'t heard. I went through the gate a called out again, still no reply. So I went right up to the car. The view was amazing, lovely long brown legs, topped off with some short tight denim shorts. I stared for what seemed like hours but was only seconds before Jess got out of the car.

\'Jesus, you scared the life out of me\' she said

\'Sorry\' I replied \'I did call out, but because of the music I guess you didn\'t hear\'

She smiled, leaned back into the car and turned the stereo down. She got back out and stood in front of me. If the bottom half was amazing, I\'m not sure how to describe the top half. All she had on was a bikini top, and a very well filled bikini top at that.

\'Sorry about the music\' she said \'was just clearing the car out, went to a festival at the weekend and it\'s a bit of a mess.\'

\'Thats ok\' I replied \'it\'s just that we\'ve got the windows open and we can\'t concentrate when on the phone\' I couldn\'t concentrate when I spoke to her to be honest, not entirely sure if I was looking at her face or her breasts.

\'Great tunes by the way\' I said \'is that the latest HedKandi CD?\' I asked.

\'Yes, it\'s brilliant isn\'t it\' she said

We then got into a small conversation about music and I told Jess I had a good collection in my car. She asked if she could download some, and without hesitation I went back to the car to get some CDs.

She invited me into the house and then up to her room so she could put the CDs on her computer.

When we got to her room, there were clothes everwhere

\'Sorry again\' she said \'just unpacking my stuff as well\'

\'No worries\' I said, as I noticed some very skimpy undies laying on the bed.

Jess popped a CD in and started to copy it and while it copied she turned it up to listen. Soon she was well into it and started dancing around a bit.

\'This is a great tune\' she said, and I agreed \'come on Jon, have a dance\' so I got up, feeling a bit awkward as I wasn\'t exactly dressed for it and stared to dance a bit.

\'I\'ll leave these with you and pick them up later\' I said, and went to leave, but before I had a chance to walk out the door Jess grabbed me

\'I need to apologise once more Jon\' she said

\'What for?\' I asked

\'This\' and then she kissed me, full on the lips \'It\'s been at least two weeks since I\'ve had a shag and I am gagging for it, will you fuck me Jon, this music just turns me on so much\' and looking at her nipples poking out of her top I could see this to be true.

I was kind of stood in utter disbelief that this amazingly fit 18yo wanted me, but I was soon jolted out of this when Jess removed her shorts, got on her knees in front of me and started to undo my trousers.

It didn\'t take long for me to respond, and soon she had my very hard cock in her mouth. She obviously took after her mother in the BJ department and it wasn\'t long before I felt myself about to explode. I did warn her, but she just looked up at me and took the whole lot in her mouth.

After that, she stood up, kissed me again and removed the rest of her stuff. She went and layed on the bed and told me to join her. I removed the rest of my clothes and got on the bed with her. She pushed me onto my back and mounted me, rubbing her pussy on my now semi-hard cock and kissing me. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked and nibbled, which she loved. I then lay down again and moved her up so her pussy was above my face. Without hesitation I pulled her down onto my tounge and she squirmed in delight then had her first orgasm, soaking my face.

By now I was hard again and Jess wanted it doggy style. I wasn\'t going to complain. I slid in without any problem and soon had a good rhythym going. Her arse looked fantastic, and with a bit of juice from our fucking, I wet my finger and slid it into her hole. Her pussy clenced my cock as I did and she let out a little scream of delight.

\'Fuck my arse Jon, I want you to cum in my arse\'

So I pulled out and slowly slid into her. It was heaven, so tight, and it wasn\'t long before I felt myself about to cum again. I was furiously rubbing her clit and as I shot my second load, she gushed all over my hand and the bed.

We collapsed on the bed exhausted.

\'I\'d better get back to work\' I said \'they will wonder where I\'ve been\'

\'What about your CDs?\' she said

\'I will pick them up another time, when you\'re alone, just text me\' and i left her my number as I got dressed and went back to work.

I have been back to get the CDs, and lent her some more, but she is away again right now, on holiday with her Mum.

I look forward to them coming home all tanned and relaxed.