Written by NorthernMILF

2 Mar 2019

I'm the female half of a happily married couple, late 40's both fit and good looking (modest too) with a couple of grown up kids who've moved away. Not Swingers I might add but, both highly sexed and have been happily fucking each others brains out since our late Teens.

Why am I here ? Well, my Husband found this Site by chance and we've both enjoyed reading the stories. A lot are drivel but, every once in a while you come across a real gem that draws you into the deepest darkest corners of peoples sexual adventures.

Back to my marriage;- on the surface, twenty plus years of happy faithfulness for both of us with only a couple of drunken snogs on my part which I fess'd up to in any case and a couple of similar minor indiscretions on his part which he has flatly denied 'went any further'.

So do I believe him ? Hell no ! but life's too short to be bitter so I've always given him the benefit of the doubt for the sake of our family and our comfortable lifestyle.

But, the more I've thought about it, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a few things off my chest and out of the Closet so to speak on the off chance that he reads this:-

1. When my Boss left a few years back, I had a farewell snog with him which I didn't tell you about and ended up dragging him into the Ladies Loo of the Club we were in and giving him a blowjob in a cubicle. He was quite a bit bigger than you and I swallowed every drop of his delicious cum before re-joining the party as though nothing had happened.

2. Your so called best friend fingered me in our Hot Tub. It was at one of our many BBQ Parties and it was the near the end of the night, most of the guests had left and you gone inside with his Wife to get more drinks. It was very brief and I was shocked at first but he found my G Spot instantly and made me cum under the bubbles in the space of a couple of minutes before you both returned oblivious to what had just happened.

3. When we gave a lift back from the Races to a couple of young guys in our Mini-Bus, I ended up snogging one of them on the back seat and let him finger me;- it felt like I was like 15 again, even though he was half my age, and my mate's thought it was hysterical !

4. Now this one will really hurt;- although you've fantasised about us having a threesome with another girl for years and me telling you it would never happen, I'm sorry to tell you that it already has !

It was on one of my frequent 'Girls Weekends' away. I won't name the destination but, we'd no sooner hit the town when my friend (and room mate) got chatted up by this gorgeous Stud and about an hour later she sheepishly made her excuses and took him back to our room.

When I finally made it back to our room at around 4am, I thought he would be long gone and she'd be tucked up fast asleep.

Wrong ! As I entered the room it was heavy with the scent of sex and he was banging away at her doggy style bent over my bed !

I was a bit shocked but also a bit turned on and couldn't take my eyes off her guy's hot body which was tanned and toned. They broke off realising I'd entered the room and he brazenly asked if I wanted to join them ? I stood there open mouthed but, a smile and a nod from my friend was the only signal I needed.

Within seconds, he had my dress off and they both had their hands and mouths all over me. At this point I'd never had any prior indication that my friend was bi but she was devouring my right tit and stuffing her fingers into my pussy like her life depended on it whilst I was busily sucking her guys huge cock which tasted of her.

I'd have probably described myself as 'Bi-Not Interested' at this point but, I was seriously turned on by the whole situation and just gave myself into it.

We fumbled around in various entanglements and I ate my first pussy, which was interesting and made me feel like a wanton Slut. At one point she had four fingers in me and I'm sure she was trying to fist me but, the guy moved her hand away and replaced it with his cock.

We'd ended up both knelt on the bed doggy style with him fucking both of us bareback and swapping between us with either his cock or fingers in me. This culminated in him finally (and I don't where he got his stamina from ?!) coming over both our arses and us collapsing in a sweaty, sticky mess.

He left shortly after, it must have been around 6am and me and my friend slept it off until we got a call for breakfast from one of the others.

My friend and I spoke about what we'd done and agreed that it was a 'drunken one off' and we'd speak no more about it, which we haven't done to this day.

Whilst I did get off on it on the night, I can't say that 'girl on girl' holds any great attraction for me and the high spot of the evening was definitely her hot Guy and his huge cock.

So there you have it;- I'm the Slut you've always dreamt of - you just never knew it and, if you do read this and manage to join up the dots, will I admit to it ?

Hell no ! I'll just deny everything the same as you always do !

Your loving Wife xxx