Written by The Happy Cuck

10 Mar 2018

This morning she told me that she was going to be home late as she was going straight from work to see the lad from the gym who has a day off on Mondays.

I was surprised when she came in at 6.45. Much, much earlier than I expected. As usual, she lifted her skirt, took her knickers off and gave them to me. My dick, which was already twitching, hardened when I saw the white, slimy evidence of her exploits in the gusset.

Commenting that she was home early, she lead me upstairs, as she told me that she’d been at his place no longer than 15 minutes. She told me that, other than her tights, she hadn’t even taken any clothing off.

She told me that she’d sucked him off for a while, which got him massive and hard and close to climax. Then, having removed her tights, she just lay back on the bed and spread for him. She told me that he licked her out for a few minutes then entered her and took her quickly and firmly, jerking his load in to her with in just a few minutes. Then she came home to me for me to pump my own cum in to her. Which I willingly did.