Written by Jock69uk

30 Jun 2008

Well as she said she would Angela got Ba and me an invite to her sisters hen weekend,the only change being the venue so York here we come.She said they were arriving at lunchtime Saturday and had arranged accomodation for us at their hotel, I told her Ba and I were going to the races at Ripon in the afternoon and join them during the evening if it was still OK with her sister Jane.She said it\'s all arranged and I will text our whereabouts during the evening.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon racing,the weather was kind,and lady luck didn\'t totally desert us and we ended the afternoon a couple of hundred quid in front,looking forward to a laugh in York. Having eventually found a parking space just outside the city walls we wandered into the centre and decided food would be a good idea,the city was heaving with stag/hen parties but we eventually found a table at a small restaraunt watching the festivities as we enjoyed our meal.It was still relatively early so we took our time enjoyed the food and a few glasses of wine before we decided to sample the nightlife.We had just ordered our first drink in The Living Room overlooking the river when the text message arrived,Angela asked me to give her a call,I left Ba in charge of the drinks,which had cost a kings ransome,and went outside to make the call and grab a smoke.She answered her phone immediately and asked where we were,the noise in the background her end was incredible,racous laughter suggesting a regular feeding of alcohol for several hours,I said we were having a drink in The Living Room ,she justb said they were about to move to an eighties bar/club and settle in before it got to packed,I said that we had passed the place on the walk in and would be there in around thirty minutes.She then said the theme for their hen party was black,with polkadots and we couldn\'t miss them .Finishing my cigarette I rejoined Ba who by now had bought another round and was getting into the party mood.

the club was getting busy and we had to queue for ten minutes to get in ,the atmosphere was excellent everyone obviously up for a good night,first stop the bar where we were spotted by Angela before we had got our drinks,she looked a treat as she walked over,the theme now apparent black pencil skirts with black and white polkadot blouses,all set off with patent black heels and the fashionable wide black patent belt.I suspect she picked the uniform as short skirts would not be to her advantage,but in this her two prime features her backside and enourmous tits looked fantastic and were allready being admired by every bloke in the place.I was just about to make a suggestive remark when I noticed she was not alone,a younger slimmer version was in her wake obviously her sister Jane ,the hen,after a quick introduction I bought them both a drink thanking Jane for the invitation,she just said no problem Angela\'s told me all about you two and you are more than welcome,with that she led us back to her party like lambs to the lions den.

Obviously the ladies,who had taken plenty of hospitality during the afternoon ,were very relaxed and friendly.I guess the majority were in their late twenties,or early thirties and up for a lively evening,Ba was engulfed in the group and appeared to be having a whale of a time,I initially sat with Jane and Angela having a laugh I commented that I was surprised the girls were so us being there ,Jane smiled saying well we all feel we know you both so well then just dissolved into fits of laughter,then moved into the group sitting beside Ba.Sorry Angela said you may have guessed she has seen the film,my face must have been a picture,I just mummbled when,well I threw a pre hen weekend party at our house one evening last week and we ended up pissed watching your performance.Christ who was there I muttered ,well everyone here tonight she said laughing,but don\'t worry they were all impressed,in fact you may get one or two propositions during the evening!! At this point one of the girls asked if I fancid a dance and the fun began,they were obviously intent on embarassing us as much as they could,however they did it in good spirit and I guess I laughed as much as they did.It seemed an odd grab of the crotch or suggestive remark was all they had planned so no big deal,having had their hours fun things settled down to become a very enjoyable evening .Angela and I had just finished smooching and were having a drink at the bar when she started to wave over my shoulder ,as I looked around a new member of the party walked towards us,I had not noticed her before,and belive me I would have ,she was a corker,about 5ft 8in tall,blonde,quite slim long legs and a real fit body,and best of all about my age ,my immediate joy vanished as Angela introduced her mother Maggie.Who\'s going to buy me a drink Maggie asked ,I couldn\'t wait to be away so I offered,when I returned with the drink Angela had joined the girls and Maggie was on a bar stool,thanks she said,so your the afternoon delight? I was speechless,she laughed and reading my mind she said ,yes I\'ve seen the film! and very impressed I was, very energetic,no wonder our Angela is smiling a lot these days.We finished our drinks and she wanted to dance,the music had slowed down and Maggie wrapped her arms around my neck as we swayed to the music,she was certainly very easy to chat to and very good company,just as direct as her daughters,who were currently double teaming Ba in the dirty dancing stakes, well she said your mate is going to get a good seeing to tonight ,the girls,meaning her daughters,have decided he\'s theirs,lucky him I murmerred,and you big boy have got mum,your\'e mine so let\'s get off before the rush,us older girls need to be a little more discreet.It only took around 10 minutes to walk back to the hotel where Maggie retrieved the key from reception and we entered the lift,as soon as the doors closed she closed in and gave me a lingering kiss,her tongue darting between my lips,as we reached the room she quickly opened the door and ushered me in to her room.It was a luxurious room with a massive bed and very modern expensive furnishings,on a side table were two bottles of bubbly,for when you get thirsty she said,I came back after our meal to prepare the room and myself so I hope it\'s to your liking,just perfect I said.Locking the door I asked her if she wanted a drink,not yet she said first I want some of what my eldest daughters been getting ,not wanting to dissapoint I pulled her to me kissing her neck as I quickly started to unbutton her blouse,once undone she shrugged the blouse from her shoulders exposing a very pert pair of breasts supported by a tiny black lace platform that was a 1/4 cup bra,her nipples allready firm became rock hard when teased by my lips and teeth,at this point she was starting to unbuckleb her belt.I knocked her hands away this is my jpob it will soon be your turn,smiling she said your wish is my command,I let the belt fall to the carpet and unzipped the skirt which also fell once I released the single button.She stood tall tiny lace briefs,to match the bra,the sheerest black holdups and the black patent stilletto\'s.She had taken a great amount of care getting ready ,an she now looked perfect,and she knew it,she was about to move toward me but I told her to stop where she was ,and to open her legs which she instantly did,I knelt in front of her bending my head forward to lick her inner thighs,her legs trembled slightly and she moved slightly back,stay still I ordered as I continued to explore her thighs moving ever nearer to her core.I gently eased her briefs aside with the tip of my tongue exposing her fully shaved quim,she had been busy definitely freshly done,powdered and smelling heavenly,I knew she was desparate for me to use my tongue on her.As I sterted to gently lap between her lips she exhaled and started to moan moving my tongue deeper I could feel the moistness,and finding her clit started to gently flick the tip gradually increasing the speed until within a minute she started to tremble,slightly at first building quickly to a violent shuddering climax,as I looked up she was pulling on her nipples,eyes closed ,head thrown back lost in her pleasure.She then bent forward and planted a long passionate kiss on my lips,thankyou she said I needed that so much,and now its my turn.As I stood she quickly removed my clothes just leaving my boxers ,which she started to rub in the area of my cock which was allready hard,suddenly she pulled on the waistband reaching in with her other hand to pull out my prick,pulling the waistband down to rest under my balls creating the same effect as her platform bra,she dropped to her knees and instantly took my shaft between her hungry lips,greedily swallowing the full length she moved back and forth ,rolling her head slightly to increase the friction,paying particular attention around the head,now gently massaging my balls she maintained her rythm ,eating my cock as if she were starving,she must have felt that initial twitch that signals the point of no return for a man ,releasing my cock she looked up and said fuck my mouth now,then she sucked my cock back into her throat,I held the sides of her head and held it fast whilst moving my hips back and forward ,increasing the speed and force as I felt the spunk starting to rise,at this point she moved her hands to my backside dictating her own pace as the first jet launched into her throat she pulled my manhood deep into her throat gagging hwerself whilst I unloaded what felt like a pint,as the spasms reduced she pulled my cock from her mouth and wanked the last drops onto her tits,I hope you\'re fit she murmerred because i\'m going to fuck you senseless tonight,well I said thats good because you are going to get as requested everything Angela\'s had and more.Picking her up I placed her on the massive bed,threading my fingers inside her briefs I removed them ,she lifting her hips to let them slide clear,she then unclipped the tiny bra and lay there naked ,legs slightly apart looking fantastic and enjoying the look on my face as I admired her amazing body.Come to bed and let me give you a massage she said,I lay face down as she poured body oil on the base of my back and gently started to rub the oil into my back gradually moving to my backside,as she poured more oil onto my crack and rubbed between the cheeks my cock started to come back to life,sensing this she told me to turn over immediately starting work on the shaft,I meanwhile slid two fingers into her quim she instantly eased down onto my hand rubbing her clit against my knuckles whilst bringing my cock to a rampant hardness,in the blink of an eye she lowered herself onto my manhood ,a self satisfied smile crossing her face as she easily moved up and down the length,sometimes slowly,then increasing her pace,all the while maintaining contact with her clit taking herself gradually to the inevitable climax.As she rested after her pleasure,her vaginal muscles kept a firm grip on the shaft,as she started to move again we could here people entering the room next door,quickly realising it was Ba and her daughters,they all sounded well pissed and Jane became very animated as Ba was evidently removing his kit,Maggie was obviously listening but never missed a stroke ,Jane was encouraging Angela to swallow Ba\'s cock,bit optimistic there,as Jane kept up her commentary her mother increased her pace again and was obviously turned on by what was happening next door.Now we could here both girls,Angela telling Ba to tongue her sister ,Jane just gasping and groaning as Ba did as instructed,then Jane let out an allmighty groan which could only mean Ba was introducing her to the monster,she now screamed he\'s splitting me in two ,christ its huge shag me you bastard,at this her mother screamed as she climaxed again,I quickly lifted her off and placed her on all fours and entered her from behind ,ramming in the full length,she was still twitching from her orgasm and obviously very sensitive ,her younger daughter was obviosly getting the fuck of her life,cursing and swearing as Ba rammed into her ,the effect of her moans and my cock slamming into her was sending her mother wild ,she was making so much noise the action next door stopped and they were obviously listening to their mother demanding,to be fucked faster,and harder,deeper she screamed and finally her whole body shook as she reached yet another climax ,she slumped forwards her face in the pillows ,arse in the air still,just repeating yes,yes,yes ,thankfully now almost a whisper.I pulled out even though I had not come and let her hips slide to the matress,drink anyone I asked as she looked over her shoulder,smiling she murmerred yes,and the for round two!!

As I opened the first bottle of champagne the noise of sex started again in the next room,now we could not hear Jane\'s voice just Angela who was obviouslly getting reaquainted with the baby\'s arm and loving it,just like her mother noisy and veciferous,loving every second,what a familly,but for Angela it sounded restrained.I could resist no more, passing Maggie her drink I peeked through the keyhole and saw Ba reaming Angela ,whilst Jane slept peacefully in the same bed,Ba had his hand across angela\'s mouth to keep the noise down whilst ramming his huge weapon balls deep into Angela.I did not hear Maggie approach until she whispered let me see ,using her hip to move me aside she took a look ,christ what a weapon she clearly had never seen anything like it ,and it was hammering her daughter,who incidentally was accepting it with ease and loving every thrust. Getting to her feet she passed me her drink,then opened the adjoining door ,Ba stopped mid stroke Maggie just said get in here you two and let jane sleep,Ba let the monster slip out and got to his feet Maggie instantly grabbing his cock and leading through the door ,Angela just smiled and followed in her mothers wake,the door was closed and round two was about to start.