Written by jock69uk

22 Jun 2014

The second she removed the T shirt I got up and removed my shirt and trousers ,making it absolutely clear that I wanted her immediately ,without a word passing our lips we both moved through into the lounge ,where after kissing her passionately I lowered her onto the sofa .She looked an absolute picture ,not only was her figure breath taking she was a real good looker ,laying beside her I nuzzled her firm breasts ,her nipples already hard and aroused responding to my lips and tongue

,she was already moaning ,whispering into my ear ,urging me to remove her tiny briefs and put my cock inside her .Ignoring her pleas I slipped my hand inside her briefs my fingers immediately moist ,her juices making a dark stain on her briefs ,she lifted her hips allowing me to slip off her knickers ,exposing a pussy completely smooth all hair removed .As soon as my tongue found her clitoris she tensed her whole body ,gasping in pleasure as I gently teased her button ,her juices now flowing ,that lovely taste of a woman ,she was now actually fucking my tongue her slim hips thrusting as I lapped ever quicker .

Her orgasm was huge and came so quickly ,her whole body shaking as if she was being electrocuted ,its intensity was staggering her hands tight behind my head ,pulling my mouth to her wet pussy .I was rock hard ,not for years has my cock been so hard ,it was actually pain-full the veins clearly visible ,pumping blood to the large swollen knob ,easing her thighs apart I placed the tip against her ,gently and slowly parting the lips and sliding ever deeper into her tightness until my balls rested on her wetness .Once inside I took one easy long stroke almost removing the tip ,but not quite ,"don't you dare take the fucking thing out ,it's over 2 years so just do it for me this time ",slowly then we fucked ,just a steady stroke deep ,balls deep each time ,within a couple of minutes her breathing indicated that she was ready to climax again . Another few thrusts and she tensed, lifting her hips increasing the friction on her clit ensuring her immediate climax ,I could feel her come and my balls were already wet with her juice ,no way did I intend to stop now ,increasing my pace her body just continued shaking as I slammed into her .

Virtually her whole back was off the sofa now ,pushing hard against the onslaught ,I was lost in ecstasy ,she was the best fuck I had ever had ,enjoying every second and so active herself it was nearly impossible to hold back ,"come inside me ,come now darling ,give me it all",her words tipped me over the edge .I could feel the spunk gushing into her ,as it was her lips sought mine her tongue searching my mouth ,then her teeth biting my lip,and still I was still loosing spunk ,I could feel it oozing from her onto my balls and thigh .She suddenly rolled us off the sofa laughing aloud at my puzzled expression "I'm dripping onto the sofa ,it's your fault randy bugger I'm full of cum "

cupping her hand to her crotch she slowly reached the kitchen ,paper towel coming to her aid .Whilst she was in the loo I desperately tried to clean the sofa ,a large damp stain needing urgent attention "leave it to me ,just get me some soda water from the fridge " when I returned and she was cleaning I was able to get the perfect view of Dawn .I don't know how but she knew I was staring at her peachy backside ,but her comment indicated she did "never mind staring ,help me dry this then we can go up to bed ".

I don't know why but I had Dawn down as a bit on the shy side ,but I was about to find out how wrong I was ,we took some wine up to my room ,drinking as we lay on top of the bed,her fingers gently teasing my prick ,until she felt that first twitch then she took my glass ,lay me back and got to work with her mouth .As I gasped in pleasure she quickly had me hard as rock again ,removing her mouth from me she easily straddled my hips ,"now don't move ,it's my turn to have some fun I'll tell you what to do ,otherwise lay back and enjoy ".