Written by Tony

8 Dec 2016

Lesley and I both moved into a new flat a few weeks ago. We had made a few friends who lived there, a particularly couple who were very nice was Laura and Tom.

There is an age gap of just over 20 years but we really seemed to get on well.

Saturday morning was always our day for cleaning out flat. Lesley likes to clean the flat in a vest top and towelling shorts.

One Saturday morning I was cleaning the lounge when Tom called by to see out new smart TV. He said hi to Lesley as she was still hoovering, I looked at her admiring how good she looked.

We went into the lounge and sat down on either ends of out corner sofa. I was showing Tom the TV and how it got into the Internet.

To my embarrassment an adult film come up which me and Lesley had been watching the previous night.

I went to switch it off, and Tom said no this looks like a good film. To be honest it was and brought me and Lesley to a stunning climax the night before.

We were watching and I was feeling very aroused, I could see Tom moving in his seat when in came Lesley.

See looked at the TV and laughed saying what are you naught boys up to.

She looked at me seeing my cock straining in my shorts.

Lesley sat down next to me and I could see her nipples hard as they brushed against me.

What do you think of our new TV Lesley said.

The TV very nice but seems to make the pictures a bit small, he said with a smile on his face. Are you bigger then I said as a joke.

Yes much said Tom. Lesley said, prove it Tom.

Tom slowly unzipped his trousers and took out his manhood. We were both suprised at the size, Laura must be a lucky girl Lesley said, as she casually stroked my hard cock.

How much bigger are you than Tony said Lesley? Me and Tom stood up and let our shorts fall to the floor.

I made the excuse that mine wasn't fully erect, Lesley told me to play with it to make it harder. I said to Tom he needed to make is hard too.

We started to play with them as Lesley suggested, looking her in the eye I could see how turned on she was. Tom said we've shown you ours now I think you should show yours. Lesley looked at me to see if it was ok, I know she wanted to. She said it was lucky she had groomed today as she slowly slid off her shorts, her pussy looked amazing, I could see how wet she looked. I immediately saw Toms cock get harder at the sight of Lesley's hot pussy. I walked over and her tongue licked the length of my shaft. The precum being rubbed over her lips as I bent down to kiss her. Lesley tasted so good, I could tell by her kiss how turned on she was, Lesley whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch us masterbate, I told Tom to sit next to Lesley and wank.

I felt her hips moving in time with our rhythmic stroking. I took her hand and put it onto Toms cock and her other on mine. My hand on her leg as she put one leg over mine and the other over Toms.

My fingers were deep inside her wet pussy and Tom was gently massaging her clit. We pushed up her top to reveal her perfect breasts, her nipples were the hardest I had ever seen them. Our hands were on them Lesley telling us that she could feel it right inside her pussy. Her voice changed and I knew she was about to cum.

Within seconds I felt her pussy gush, I was so beautiful feeling her hot wet juices running down her legs. She asked me and Tom to stand. She wanted us to cum in her amazing body. It didn't take long before we both came over her breasts and pussy.

It was an amazing experience we told Tom next time to bring Laura.

This story will be continued.