Written by an old man

3 Nov 2011

As I told you on the 2nt I had meet Paul in a hotel we where staying and I sleep with him for three night, we had to go our separate ways but I had asked him to phone me which he did when he was at home, we arranged for him to come and stay with me the next weekend which he duly did arriving on the Friday evening it was lovely seeing him after week it was like having my boyfriend stay which he was really he looked wonderful his shirt was undone a little tight jeans on, once we where in my house we couldn't keep our hands off each other my god the horny sod wanted to fuck me right there and then my young stud need to slow down a little I wanted the cock and it was very tempting, I got him in the lounge pushed him onto the sofa and got his jeans undone and pulled down past his knees his huge dick was bursting to get out it is a wonderful peace of meat I held it in both hands the foreskin was back already he was oozing cum it seemed to throb in my hands I looked marveling at it he is a really stud my mouth covered the head tasting him my hand cupped his sack feeling his huge plums god I bet they are full I would think it needs milking daily and he said he not touched it for almost a week I know this boy can repeat so was not worried as I started to suck on him and lash it with my tongue it was not long before I felt his balls tighten I knew he was about to flood my mouth it was regard as hard as rock he jerked and a huge jet of hot sperm hit the back of my mouth swallowed as hard as I could as three more fallowed some ran past my lips I let it go as I sucked the last drop out of him

I took him for a romantic meal then on to a little place I know I wanted to walk in with Paul on my arm and see the jealous look on the other queens faces it did happen we soon had a few flirting around us but he was mine he did dance we a couple of them I knew they have a feel I got one or two comments we left for my night of passion and did I get one once in my bedroom he was after me he pushed me on the bed ripping my cloths off almost he had me on my back sucking him off hadn't slowed him down he ripped into me screwing me like the slut I am quite roughly for him he didn't last his normal time before he flooded my man pussy I jest lay there with in an hour he had me on my knees forcing his manhood inside me using his spunk as lube this time a I had to go and sit on the bog having two loads up me where it all came from there gallons of it he had made me cum with out having an erection a hell of a sensation we fell asleep some hours later he got a stiff on and had me on my side he must of get it jest right as it made me shoot my lot that is very rear for me twice at my age

Next morning he was hard I asked if I could give him a blow job as I was quite sore from the nigh before after I did it we talked he asked lots of questions there was lots of things he was curious about and lots of things he wanted to try it seemed he wanted to be fucked but was scared to try and when ever he find a bloke once they see his cock they seem to want him he did say it had scared a few off and a lot couldn't take him he thought it was wonderful I could I was by then used to him I will say it has made me looser than I have been before

I left him in bed and got up to do some house work I slipped on some hold up stockings and a lose fitting dress it a bit short but comfortable I called him for lunch the look of lust on his face when he sore me it wasn't long before I bent over a work top with Paul deep inside me this was to be the patent for the weekend I had never been fucked so meany times before I was exhausted by the time he left