Written by Jen's Hubby

28 Jul 2010

The Interloper

In the early days of our relationship Jen admitted that if she were drunk enough she would think nothing of unzipping a fly, reach into a man's pants, pull out his cock and fondle it for several seconds or minutes - depending on her mood- and put it back again and usually in a pub. However, her true pleasure was flashing her panties or pussy. During this period Jen used to flash many men including my friend, Paul (husband of Debbie), on a regular basis. Although Jen & Debbie did not really get on, they tolerated each other because Paul & I are life-long friends.

Paul often feigned embarrassment if Jen deliberately flashed him and thus that stopped quickly too. We did notice, however, that he liked the "accidental" flashing and Jen got a bigger kick out of the efforts that Paul and others went to to look up her skirt. Occasionally, if he was drunk enough, Paul would ask Jen to remove her panties which was usually refused but mostly he enjoyed being surreptitious as did Jen with her "clumsy" leg-crossing etc.

I used to fantasise about Jen having sex with other men and for the first three years or so of our relationship she did fuck a few. About 5-6 men had her with a couple of regulars about once per month. Sadly, Jen began to feel humiliated by these acts and couldn't understand my encouragement of this either. It quickly followed that ALL extra sex stopped and her regulars discouraged. Paul was not one of these. One, he was a friend. Two, he is the most indiscreet person we know and three Jen didn't fancy him. Having said that I did try and get her to fuck Paul but Jen was vehemently against the idea.

After we married the hedonistic side to her personality waned quickly. As we crossed into our fifties even the flashing came to an end. Instead we had turned to mild fantasy where I would silently take Jen from behind. If she spoke I would retort with a “shh!” and would continue to take her. Nowadays she prefers this position and only enjoys sex when she is tipsy. It is then she cries out like a tennis player as she returns each thrust and getting louder and faster as she nears orgasm. Over the years Paul and I had often discussed the eccentricities of our sex lives and mostly lack thereof. Of course, we never discussed Jen's other partners because he could not be trusted, but, somehow I seemed to think it was ok to discuss our little post-alcohol sex. Probably because it is the only sex I get these days.

In February 2010, Paul and I discussed going on holiday together. With reluctance Jen and Debbie agreed and so we found a good deal for Benalmadena, Spain. So, in May we found ourselves enjoying the sun on the Costa Del Sol. No amount of coaxing could get the girls to go topless.

In the evening, after settling on and spending time in a bar with ok entertainment we were all sitting on our balcony. Paul & Debbie's room (four doors further down on the opposite side of the corridor) overlooked the park while our room had a great view over the Marina. Around midnight Debbie decided to call it a night with Paul promising to follow shortly. After Debbie left Jen became more relaxed and in her tipsy state, Paul and I were treated to excellent views of her brand new, transparent, white knickers. She had stopped flashing years ago and so I knew this was entirely accidental.

She was totally oblivious to the fact that her crossed legged yoga posture on the only lounger on the balcony gave us an uninhibited view of her knickers from the little bow at the waistband downward. Neither Paul nor I could take our eyes from the view of Jen's thinly veiled Brazillian trimmed pussy. Her bush is 10% of it's original density and I'd say you could have counted the still dark brown pubic hairs of her now mostly bald pussy. Her pussy lips perfectly visible in the light from the room and balcony ceiling. If she had no knickers on she could have shown no more.

Just after one am, I suggested we should call it a night. Jen got up to go back into the room but Paul insisted we should have one more. Jen said that she would continue to bed and for me not to be long. She left the door open but closed the curtain and the thick sun screen. The loss of the light from the room left a dim and relaxing hue to the balcony provided by the coast road street lights below and the small light in the balcony roof. I took the lounger that Jen had vacated. We had three more last beers.

I woke up to find myself alone in near darkness. I looked at my watch it was 2:55 which told me I'd been asleep for nearly an hour. The balcony door was now closed and I found myself thinking about Paul getting a great kick out of locking me out on the balcony. I tried the door and found it slid back easily. He hadn't locked me out. The room was in total darkness save for the light from the street. I could see in the dim light that Jen was naked with the bedding strewn to the floor; pushed off in the heat perhaps. I found myself wondering if Paul had seen her like this or had unknowingly fumbled his way to the door.

I closed the balcony door behind me and pulled the curtains across the door blocking out the light again. It dawned on me then that Paul wouldn't have had to fumble as it was probably the light going out on the balcony that had woken me. Paul had not closed the curtains behind him so probably had a great time ogling Jen as he crossed the room at the foot of the bed. I removed my clothes; dropping them to the floor. I felt my way to the bed, climbed on the bed and snuggled into Jen's back. We usually spoon this way. As I snuggled, my cock pressed gently against Jen's pussy. It seemed wet?! I placed my hand on her pussy... definitely wet! I pushed a finger into her pussy...sopping wet! "Not again" she requested gently and pulled away from me a little. NOT AGAIN! I screamed in my head. Paul had obviously fucked my Jen! Got us pissed, snuck in as I slept and fucked my wife! No condom just flat out bare-backed fucking!