Written by Tom

20 Mar 2014

Twenty five years old, slowly climbing the career ladder, transferred to a new job in a new city, family, friends and my by then soon to be ex-girlfriend, 150 plus miles away. I knew no one and I'd just bought my first property. I say property, it was actually one of those studio flats, everything in one room except the shower and bog. Converted warehouses, in the desirable docklands. Except I was in the less desirable part, at the rear of the building overlooking the railway, inner ring road and several blocks of high rise flats. The apartments on the other side of the hall were the desirable ones, much larger, two bedroomed, some with a balcony, with views over the marina.

I hardly saw any of the other residents, in the first fortnight. The first one I spoke to was the woman in one of the two bedroomed apartments, whose door was opposite mine. The first time I saw her was from the back, when I left my flat and followed her along the corridor to the lift on a Friday morning. She was wearing a vest top, no sign of bra straps and tight stretch jeans, moulded to her long legs and one of the most shapely bums I'd seen in along time. I was so intent on admiring it I didn't notice her glancing back at me until it was to late and she'd stopped by the lift, caught me and smiled. I smiled back, getting a closer look at her. Tall, about 5 feet 8 inches, slim, the gap between top and jeans revealing her tummy and a navel piercing. As I'd suspected she was braless, with small tits, her nipples poking through the top. Up until then I'd have put her in her twenties. Now I could see her face, I realised she was older, early forties I guessed, but still an attractive woman.

The lift doors opened, we stepped in, she waited until the doors closed before speaking. “Disappointed?” she asked. “Pardon” I replied, playing innocent. “I saw you looking at my arse. Are you disappointed now you've seen my face?” Talk about being put on the spot. “Urr, Umm” I managed. “I'm teasing. You should at least try to be a bit more discrete if you're going to stare at ladies bottoms” she giggled. I laughed, relaxing, liking her sense of humour. “Well it is a nice bum and no, I'm not disappointed” I replied giving her the complement I hoped she was expecting because it wasn't a lie. I wasn't disappointed. At that moment we reached the ground floor, “I like you already” she told me. “I saw you when you were moving in. I've been meaning to knock on your door and ask you over for a drink. Why don't you come over tonight” she invited. It certainly beat an evening in front of the TV and I accepted. “I'll see you at about eight. We can get to know each other better” she said, a twinkle in her eye and to my ear suggestively. “My name's Kristy by the way” she called as she turned towards the car park. “I'm Tom” I replied to her wiggling bum as she walked away.

8pm on the dot I knocked on her door, waited about half a minute, then knocked again. She opened it this time, let me in, apologising for not being dressed yet as I followed her into the lounge. She was wearing a short, kimono style wrap, which barely covered her bum, revealing that her legs looked just as good bare as they had encased in denim. She told me to help myself to a beer, then turned to go to her bedroom. As she did the front of her wrap flicked open, revealing her pussy, only momentarily but long enough to see she was shaved and catch a glimpse of a her clit piercing. It happened so quickly I was uncertain if it had been accidental or deliberate.

She returned about 5 minutes later wearing a white minidress, hardly any longer than the wrap, and a pair of white sandals, the high heels making her legs look even longer and sleeker. “Be a dear and zip me up” she asked, turning around. I put my beer down and went over to her. I'm just over 6 feet tall and in her heels she was close to my height. The zip was fully down, the dress open to just above her bum, her back bare, still braless. I gripped the zip tag, looking down to do it up. There was a gap between her body and the dress, revealing that the dress was all she had on, no panties covering her shapely bum. If you've got it flaunt it was clearly her philosophy. Pulling the zip up I could feel my cock getting hard. I managed to hide it afterwards sitting on the sofa, legs crossed, while she fetched herself a glass of wine.

She returned, chatting away, went to sit on the sofa opposite me. I hurriedly looked away, not wanting to be caught looking up her dress, sure she'd be unable to sit without flashing her pussy. I looked back, she'd crossed her legs, her bare thigh, visible up to the curve of her bum. My cock rather than softening got uncomfortably harder. I'm certain she knew the effect she was having, a slight smile of amusement on her face. I thought she was toying with me, getting a kick from playing some sort of game, to which I didn't know the rules. She took a sip of wine, looking at me over the rim of the glass, appraising me it seemed. She put her glass down on the table between us, uncrossing her legs. I looked away “I think I'd be more comfortable if I sat next to you” she said getting up.

Her dress had ridden up and though it still covered her pussy, dangling just below the hem was a silver chain, with a silver cat hanging from the end. Presumably attached to the clit ring, it swung tantalisingly as she walked around the coffee table. She sat next to me, tucking her legs under her. She started chatting, her hand occasionally brushing my thigh. I didn't dare look down, though I wanted too. She asked about me, what I did, about where I'd moved from, wanting to know if I had a girlfriend. I learned a little about her, she owned a company, often working from home. She kept glancing down, no doubt looking at the bulge in my jeans, seeming to be enjoying my discomfort and tormenting me.

She finished her wine, said she needed a refill, moved to stand, I looked away, through the patio doors leading out onto the balcony. I was tempted to run for it, not sure if she was a maneater or cockteaser. My cock made the decision to stay and whilst she was out of the room I adjusted it to make it more comfortable and slightly less obvious.

On her return instead of sitting she opened the patio doors. “You seem very interested in what's out here. Do you want to admire the view” she asked, that amused smile flitting across her face again. She didn't wait for an answer, stepping outside. I got up to follow, going through the door, just as she, rested her arms on the railings and bent forward. The back of the dress rode up, partly uncovering her bum. “Like the view?” she asked her voice now throaty. “It's the best I've seen a long time” I replied, hand in my pocket adjusting my cock again. She looked over her shoulder at me, moving her feet further apart, slowly revealing her cunt, pussy lips pierced with rings, four either side of her fuck hole. “Do you like my little pussy?” she asked, moving her right arm off the railings, flicking the silver cat with a finger, setting it swinging between her legs. I said it was eye catching and very attractive.

“Come closer. Sit on the bench. You'll find the view is even better from there” she told me. She wasn't wrong. She'd started rubbing her clit, then pushing her fingers into her rapidly moistening cunt. As she got wetter she pushed more fingers into her fuck hole until she was pushing and twisting four fingers inside her dripping hole. She didn't say anything, just finger fucking herself, for several minutes, glancing at me. I wondered if I should get my cock out and fuck her, decided to wait and hope she'd ask me to.

Her cunt was sodden, juices running down her thighs. She pulled her fingers out, moved her hand to her mouth, licking her fingers clean, whilst moving away from the railings. She stopped sucking the juices from her fingers and placed her feet wider apart. Bent over with both hands between her legs, she slipped her fingers through the rings and pulled her cunt open. She kept pulling until her crinkly pussy lips were stretched taut, her cunt gaping open, wet, pink and inviting.

My cock was straining to be released. Having got this far I didn't think she'd object if I got it out, so undid my jeans, pushed my boxers down and pulled my rock hard prick out. I'm about 8 inches normally, but it felt harder and I thought looked bigger than usual and I was eager to slid it into her cunt. I began stroking my shaft, wondering if she wanted me to fuck her or if it was all a game and she'd stop and tell me to piss off.

She stood and turned to face me, unzipped her dress without my help, letting it fall to the floor. She leant back against the railing completely naked, legs slightly parted a hand on her smoothly shaven mound, fingers stroking her clit. A lovely body, slim and toned without being muscular, small pert tits, nipples erect and pierced, with a silver barbell through each. I could see her looking at me “Umm. Nice hard cock. Take your clothes off” She watched as I quickly undressed then said she wanted to watch me wanking. I began to stroke my cock, she masturbated while she watched. I hoped she wanted more than that, even though it was horny watching each other.

I did no more than keep myself erect, not wanting to cum and blow any chance of a fuck. Kristy didn't have that problem, fingering herself roughly, rubbing her clit furiously. Muttering to herself she came. Cunt juices, piss, a mixture of both? squirted from her pussy, splashing on the floor close to me. I stood holding my cock, watching her pull her soaking fingers from her cunt. She held her arm out, “Lick them clean for me” an order more than a request. I moved closer, opened my mouth, licked her fingers, tasting her cunt juices and a definite hint of piss. Her other hand found my balls, gave them a hard squeeze, holding to draw me closer. She ran her nails along the length of my shaft, than began rubbing my cock. I sucked her fingers, licked her hand, savouring the mixture until she moved behind me. She put her arms around me, her hard nipples touched my back. She took my balls in one hand, squeezing them quite hard, the fingers of her other hand wrapped around my prick, slowly wanking me. I could feel her breath on my neck, she blew in my ear “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked huskily

“Lead me to your bed” I replied, starting to turn, wanting to get on with it. She laughed, dug her nails into my bollocks “No. Not the bed. On the roof” pointing up. We were on the top floor. I knew the building had a flat roof and had seen the door at the top of the stairs, leading to a flight of stairs to the roof. I also knew the door was secured with a push button combination lock. I pointed out the flaw in her plan, imagining that would put a stop to her idea and we could get on with shagging in her bed. “Not a problem. The caretaker told me the combination in return for a favour or two. Unless you're scared of course” she challenged. She still had hold of my cock. I knew where I was determined to stick it before I went home, even if it meant fucking her up on the roof, in fact the idea was growing on me. I told her that if that's what she wanted to do I was up for it.

I bent to pick up my clothes, she gripped my arm to prevent me, shook her head. “Come on, as you are. I've done it before, it's not far” I was reluctant to leave the apartment naked, argued that we might be seen. She kept cajoling me, all the time getting closer to the front door, not that I had much choice as she still had a firm grip of my cock. She picked up her keys, opened the door, looked up and down the hallway and stepped out. I was still just inside the apartment, stopping her closing the door. “If you don't let me close the door I may have to scream” she hissed, taking a lungful of air. I believed that she would and followed her out into the hallway.

There were about a dozen doors between us and the stairs. My inclination was to run, impossible unless she released her grip. Instead she led me by the cock, slowly along the hallway, passing the doors, me glancing around nervously. I listened for any noises that someone was about to open a door. All I could hear was the sound of her cunt rings, tinkling with each step. It seemed an age before we reached the stairs, surprisingly my cock was still rampant despite my nerves. She wasn't finished. Standing in front of the stairwell door, next to the lift, she crouched down, took my cock between her lips and began to suck me off. She obviously got her kicks from the risk of being caught.

I could hear the lift ascending, “The lifts coming” I whispered urgently. She continued sucking my cock. The lift stopped on a lower floor, then started again. The indicator passed the floor below. I couldn't speak. The lift stopped, any second the doors would open. With moments to spare, she stood up and pulled me through the door onto the landing. We were almost as exposed there, windows ran the whole height of the building. I gave a huge sigh of relieve when she, tapped in the combination and opened the door to the roof.

I followed her up the stairs, through the door at the top out onto the roof. My relief was short lived. Although it was after nine at night, it was June, still light, and the roof was overlooked by the blocks of flats. Hundreds of windows all with a clear view of the roof. I could see people in their flats, any of them looking out would see us. At least there was a wall around the roof and the top of the lift shaft to hide behind. By then I suppose I should have realised that hiding was the last thing Kristy would want to do.

She opened a cupboard next to the stairs and pulled out a blanket and laid it in the centre of the roof. She couldn't have chosen a more exposed location. I'd decided to just go along with what she wanted and hope that no one saw us and if someone did, wouldn't call the police. She was totally unconcerned, lay on the blanket, spread her legs, started to masturbate and told me to go down on her in a sixty nine. Once I got my head between her legs, my mouth full of her tasty pussy, with my cock being sucked I managed to relax a little and start to enjoy myself.

After about five minutes she stopped sucking and told me to lie on my back. I did as she wanted, lay holding my cock as she turned her back, knelt astride with her cunt above my mouth. She started grinding her soaking cunt on my face, I could hardly breath. She slid off my face onto my chest, rubbing her cunt against my body, leaving a trail of cunt juice on my skin. She took hold of my cock, wanking me. A line of pussy slime, shining on my toso in the setting sun, from my neck almost to my cock. She raised herself above my cock, held it steady and lowered her cunt onto my erection.

My cock slid into her surprisingly tight hole. She kept on lowering herself, my cock sliding into her, until I'd fully penetrated her. She lay back, supporting herself on one hand, the other I could feel, between her legs, the fingertips touching my cock as she rubbed her clit. She wasn't moving, my cock buried deep in her cunt, but it felt incredible. I'd never experienced anything like it, she had amazing control of her cunt muscles, squeezing my shaft, she relaxed and tensed a sort of ripple along my cock. I could feel her fingers moving faster, she began to ride my cock, moving up and down, “Good. We've been seen. Fuck me hard” she demanded. It could have been any of the flats. I couldn't see with her on top. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and sensed that she'd been waiting to be spotted and was close to cumming too.

I thrust my cock into her, ramming it in and out as hard and as fast as I could. He cunt seemed to be gripping my cock as it slid in and out, she began bouncing up and down wildly, almost out of control, grunting each time my cock slammed up her. My prick almost slipped out a couple of times, but her fingers pushed it back in. I heard her gasp, then a long low moan. I shot my load, pumping my spunk into her cunt in three or four spurts. I could feel her fingers still rubbing her clit as she climbed off. She turned around, squatting over me, thrusting her cunt against her fingers, then cried out she was cumming. Juices squirted out between her fingers, followed by a dribble, then a stream of liquid. To late to move I realised she was pissing on me, a stream of golden liquid arched from between her legs, drenching my chest, splashing on my face. I turned my head away, she slapped me hard across my face twice, telling me to turn my head back and open my mouth.

Her domination excited me and I did as I was told and opened my mouth. I tasted her urine, as she sprayed my face. She straddled my face, pushing her cunt against my lips, urinating directly into my mouth forcing me to drink her hot piss. I gulped down two or three mouthfuls until the flow stopped. Still she hadn't finished with me, she lifted her pussy from mouth, reached between her legs and took hold of her pussy rings. She pulled her cunt open, a gaping pink cavern dripping with my cum. “Lick me clean, suck all your nasty spunk from my pussy” she commanded. Her cunt winked open as she strained to force my spunk from her fuck hole. I obediently raised my head, stuck my tongue out licking and probing her cunt. I could taste spunk on my tongue, felt it running into my throat and swallowed. She pressed down firmly, her stretched her cunt lips cover my lower face. I could barely breath, sucking her cunt, drawing my own spunk into my mouth and gulping it down.

Finally she was satisfied and, slid down my body, rubbing her body against my piss wet skin. She licked around my my mouth, kissed me on the lips before getting off “I hope you enjoyed that as much as me. Come on, get up and bring the blanket” I picked it up, while she gazed at the flats opposite, then waved. I must admit I got I kick from fucking her in such an exposed place and could understand why she did it. Being pissed on had come as a surprise but even that hadn't been unpleasant.

We showered together afterwards in the en suite, walk in wet room, had been installed to allow her to indulge her fetish for water sports. I discovered she enjoyed being pissed on as much as she liked to piss on others. The bedroom was more obviously designed for her enjoyment of sex. A massive bed dominated the room, rings fixed to the wooden frame, some with rope, or chains with cuffs attached. The ceiling was mirrored, above the bed a video camera. Along the walls either side of the bed were large mirrored wardrobes and two more camcorders on tripods.

She sucked my cock, got me hard and I fucked her on the bed, dozens of reflections of us in the mirrors which was looked amazing. Later she tied me to the bed, tormenting my cock, not letting me cum. She sat on my face, while she tied a leather strap around my cock and balls. My erection had never been harder. It was exquisite form or torture only relieved when she mounted my cock and rode me until we both climaxed. I don't think the cameras were on, but later we watched some of her videos. Her being fucked, or with men tied on the bed while she, and usually another guy, sucked his cock or performed other sex acts on him or each other. I found the sight of a guy having his cock sucked by another guy, arousing and got an erection. She wouldn't let me fuck her, instead she started the cameras to video her sucking me off, and me cumming in her mouth and spraying her face with spunk.

It was as she was making coffee next morning that I noticed her passport in the lounge. I couldn't resist a quick look to see how old she was. I was surprised to find she was fifty, but what a body, what a fuck and to be honest what an awesome dirty slut. I must have passed her “Test”. She invited me to a party, just her and a few friends, the following weekend. I definitely wanted more of her and more of her games, eager to experiment, explore and discover what she could teach me. She was explicit that the party would be like some I'd seen in the videos. That didn't didn't deter me. I wanted to discover how far I could go. That I think is another story.