Written by DJ

8 Mar 2017

I left Gill's bedroom, my cock still hard but feeling confused. It was getting late so I headed straight into the shower. My cock was sensitive but I resisted the urge to come. I headed out the shower and noticed Gill's room was closed. I went into mine to get dressed for work. On my bed I noticed a pair of Gill's knickers and a note to say 'wear these today'.

I slipped them on and my cock began to grow again. I spent the day in work as horny as hell my cock either hard or semi-hard.

I left work at the normal time and was surprised to see Gill's car in the drive as she was usually in much later than me.

I went in and walked into the living room. Gill was sat up on the sofa, looking very sexy dressed as she had just come in from work herself.

'Did you do as you were told', she asked looking at me. 'Yes', I replied.

Gill shifted so she was now lying down on the sofa, her skirt rising slightly to show off more of her legs. She unbuttoned one button on her blouse and spread it open showing off her gorgeous cleavage and just the top of her black bra.

'come here and show me', she instructed. I kicked off my shoes as I raced over to her and started unzipping my trousers and letting them fall. I stood in front of her my cock hard in her skimpy knickers. Gill was staring at my cock and reach up and gently stroked me throught the material. The sensation was fantastic, I had been horny all day. I told Gill it wouldn't take much to make me cum. Gill moved her hand away, I thought not again .!

This time Gill looked up and me and smiled as she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and said, 'don't worry, you have been a good boy and you look so sexy in my knickers'. Gills tits looked fantastic in her black lacy bra which looked like a matching set to her knickers I was wearing. Gill reached back up and freed my cock. Her hand slipped down my shaft and cupped my balls. 'Cum over my tits' she said. I took my cock in my hand and wanked over Gills tits. Gill continued to cup my balls giving them gentle squeezes. When I cum I like the last few strokes to me nice and slow, pulling right back on my forekin. Gill let go of my balls and cupped her tits realiseds I was about to cum. This was probably the best wank I ever had, my cock was soaked in precum. I could feel myself cumming and pointed my cock at Gills cleavage. The first lead hitting right between her tits, I spurted quite a few times hitting her bra and the exposed flesh of her tits. I let go of my cock , I was shaking with the intensity. Gill instructed me to kneel down next to her. 'Now lick me clean'. she said. This was another first for me but I had tasted my own cum before. I let my tongue run over thr top of her tits and bra sucking up all my cum, I could feel her nipples harden and I licked over them through her bra. I looked up at Gill when I had finished. She pulled herself towards me and gave me a small gentle kiss, her tongue briefly sliding into my mouth. 'mmm tastes good', with that Gill stood up and told me her tits would need a proper wash in the shower..........