Written by Secret slut

2 Nov 2017

I’m going to keep my name secret for obvious reasons which will become clear.

I’m 31 and rent a flat. Now before anyone starts criticising me I want to make it clear that I don’t do this sort of thing all the time but needs must.

My husband goes away a lot and when he is home we fuck all the time and so when he is away I miss that part of life. Recently I went part time in order to start my own business and money is tight. I explained this to my husband when we spoke on skype and his exact words were ‘ fuck the landlord if you have too honey just record it for me to watch’. We had a laugh about it but he was serious. Now I know the landlord fancies me because he looks me up and down when I pass him and like most men he spends a little too much time looking at my chest when we meet. Also he calls me gorgeous and flirts all the time.

When hubby came back at the weekend he asked me how far I had gone with our plan, I told him nowhere at all but as we were having sex he wanted me to pretend I was him and to be honest it was so naughty we had the best sex ever and the next day we go out and buy a few security cameras and hubby hides them and tells me what to do so he can see the action but I warn him that I will only go as far as letting him have a feel and maybe I would toss him off.

So the next Monday I called the landlord and explained that e were having money issues and asked to meet. Now I’m making him out to be a dirty old man but he is quite nice. He in his mid 50’s and very powerfully built and not bad looking and even though he is a flirt he is a nice guy. He agrees to come around that evening so I set up cameras, put on my pencil skirt and tight blouse minus a bra for effect and wait for him to arrive.

As soon as I open the door his eyes nearly pop out of his head and the flirting starts. I had already told him hubby was away so he was quite comfortable telling me how hot I looked. I went to make coffee and opened the blouse enough for him to be able to have sight of a little cleavage and went back to the living room. We started talking about the issue and in the best slut way possible I asked if there was some ‘arrangement’ we could come to. He actually looked shocked and asked me if I was offering him sex for rent. I felt awful and like a prostitute and gathering all the dignity I could I said that I was offering to have a little fun and that there was no harm in a little touching that’s all.

He looked me in the eye and said these exact words ‘ An evening sucking those tits would reduce the rent by 10% but a wank by lets say 20%’. Now I felt like a prostitute but it was erotic at the same time and I knew it was all being recorded for my husband.

I was about to say that a suck of my tits was work more but I started to unbutton my blouse and before I could say anything he undid the rest of the buttons and pulled it open taking a breast in his hand. His rough hands squeezing my left breast before his fingers squeezed my seriously sensitive nipple and in an instant, he leaned forward and it was in his mouth. His tongue rolled round my nipple in-between periods of sucking first one then the other.

I can’t remember exactly why but I had an urge and in fact compelled to take his cock out of his pants and so I did. I unbuttoned his jeans and even though I was now on my back with him going from one breast to the next I managed to get it out and the shock of how thick it was took me by surprise.

He sat up and pulled me up before pulling his jeans down. I massaged his dick and that started me on my way to my first orgasm. It was getting harder as I tossed him off, pre-cum on my fingers. I glanced down and saw stains on my skirt and thought that this would be a nightmare to get off. I had only intended on letting him play with my breasts and maybe going as far as giving him a hand job but he took hold of my head and I let him push my down until my lips were sliding over the tip of his thick shaft I was sucking him off.

This went on for a while until I realised that if I carried on he would end up cuming in my mouth so I sat up. But instead of that being that he stood up took my head and entered my mouth again thrusting himself down my throat causing me to gag. I pushed him because I was having difficulty in breathing. I had intended initially that this was as far as it was going to go but by now he was naked and looking so fucking hot. He pulled my legs so I was now flat on my back and with one hand returning to my tits the other pulled my kickers off and he started to fuck me with his fingers and I had my first orgasm of the evening. When I cum my body shakes and I hands and tense up and I let out a ridiculous grunting sound so it pretty obvious I had cum.

I had gone from just having a titty suck and maybe a hand job and now I needed him to fuck me. I felt like a slut and I loved it. I had forgotten that my husband would end up watching this and I pulled my skirt up and begged him to fuck me and fuck did he oblige but first his tongue worked magic and I climaxed again but as I did his cock slid inside me and I was fucked hard. I clamped my arms and legs round his magnificent body and felt his cock explore my pussy. I swear I climaxed over and over again which is something I thought only my husband could make me do.

Some of this I remember and some I saw from watching it played back on the computer but there was a lot of swearing and sounds of me squealing and begging him to keep going and a lot of ‘ fucking harder’ & ‘please don’t stop’. He warned me that he was going to cum and I told him not to cum inside me but to cum on my belly but he let out a roar and I felt cum pour into me and I came yet again.

It was then I remembered that my husband would see this and that he warned me not to let him cum inside me and to get him to wear a condom but neither had happened. I had been fucked bareback and not only had he cum inside me but he had done so again and again. When he left I called my husband and told him but reminded him I was on the pill. He downloaded the file and after watching he called me back and told me that he had had the best wank of his life. This event got us a 50% rent reduction and as far as my husband is concerned is a once a month event but the next evening I ask the landlord to come around again but this time we didn’t make it to the settee or a bed, instead I was naked in under 30 seconds and being fucked against the wall before we ran to the bedroom and I was fucked for hours (cameras off), I desperately wanted him to fuck me in the ass but he was too big so I had to settle for his cock in my pussy and his fingers in my ass.

Now I love playing the slut, I wait for my lover to arrive and almost before the door closes I open my dressing gown and letting him see what he’s going to have. My husband has agreed to me fucking him twice a month for a better deal and I know I have no right to be mad but I sometimes feel that he’s hoaring me out so when I know were being recorded I ride my lover and scream and groan and sometimes let him cum in my mouth so I can spit it out onto my tits so my husband can see what’s being pumped into me. But what I love is when he bends me over the end of a chair and fucks me doggy style and I look into the camera and scream when he comes inside me. Second to that is when we fuck in my bed ( camera off) .