Written by slimman64

11 May 2009

I work away from home on work assignments for a few months at a time. I try and lodge with a family if I can as it is cheaper and less lonely. Through a work contact I happened upon Kevin and Anne. They took in occasional lodgers from time to time as a bit of company for them – they were in their mid fifties and the kids had now left home.

I soon settled in with them, they were both friendly and easy going with a good sense of humour. Anne was a medium height BBW with a good pair of boobs which she seemed to be proud of while Kevin was a slim build guy of average build. Every Wednesday they would go to the local for the quiz night and invited me along. The first week we came back we were quite merry and we joked about Anne’s boobs. Nothing further happened but I could sense that things might develop further as Anne was very touchy / feely with me and Kevin seemed happy to encourage it.

Well, after quiz night on the second week it happened. We got back to the house and all sat down on the sofa, Anne between us. Before I knew it Kevin said I need the usual and he had Anne’s top up and her right tit out and was sucking on it for England. Anne was not at all embarrassed – she just looked and me and said don’t feel left out – help yourself if you want some, I love having them sucked and touched – just can’t get enough of it. Being a boob lover this was music to my ears and followed Kevin’s example. I grabbed her left tit and pulled it out of her bra. Her skin felt soft but the boob itself was lovely and firm – not at all flabby with a good sized pink nipple. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to give it a good suck – it felt great. Anne started to moan with ecstasy. She reached down and felt my cock through my trousers – it was fully stiff and straining at the leash. I unzipped and she reached in and pulled it out and starting stoking her hand along its length and over its head. I reached between her legs and felt her wet pussy through her knickers. I slipped my hand into her knickers and started rubbing her clit and sliding a couple of fingers inside her. I looked across at Kevin and he had his cock out and Anne was wanking it slowly. I pushed my fingers deeper inside her and moved them around – her pussy was quite firm considering she had had children. She was stroking my cock at a faster pace. I was getting very aroused now and knew I would cum any time soon. Anne sensed this and said I want your cock in my mouth – I want to taste you. As I moved my body to get my cock to her mouth – it all became too much and I spurted all over her left tit. I let out a low moan as I enjoyed the moment and Anne did as well – she obviously liked being spunked over. I said sorry and she said nothing to be sorry for and then said I still want that cock in my mouth. So I moved forward and she took my wet cock and licked the remaining cum off the end and then gave it a lovely slow cock. She sucked for a good couple of minutes until it was completely soft and lifeless and then let it flop out. She then looked at Kevin who was fingering her now and said I need cleaning up. He immediately moved across and licked all my cum off her breast, he seemed to be enjoying the taste of it. It doesn’t offend you – they asked. Not at all I said. Only Kevin likes the taste of cock and cum as much as I do said Anne. Any chance he could taste yours sometime she asked. Of course I said – any time he wants. I must admit I love my cock being played with and sucked – don’t care if it’s a guy or girl or how old they are – in fact the older the better. Kevin reached across and felt my cock – he pulled the foreskin back and slid his fingers over my bell end. My cock twitched a little and I was enjoying it – fancy a taste now I said. Love too he replied and leaned across and pulled it deep into his mouth. I could feel his tongue running over my bell end and probing my glans. It felt great and my limp, lifeless cock started to stiffen up. After a couple of minutes sucking it was back to its full 6 inches and Kevin was now wanking it and running his tongue up and down the full length of it before plunging it back into his mouth.

Anne now said to Kevin – I want to feel Andy’s cock inside so Kevin stopped sucking and moved to position my self between Anne’s legs as she lay back on the sofa ready for me. I fingered her a little and pulled her pussy lips apart and slid my cock inside her. My cock is not very thick so it slid in easily and I pushed in all the way. Anne let out a little moan. I now started thrusting away, feeling my balls banging against her pussy as I kept pushing deep inside her. After about 5 minutes I could last no longer and said I’m coming. I spurted deep inside her and she came.

As I withdrew Kevin got in position and sucked my cock clean before plunging his cock into Anne as she moaned with ecstasy. After a couple of minutes he could last no longer and pulled out and spurted his plentiful cum all over Anne’s breasts as she rubbed it into her skin – now I knew why her breasts felt so soft !!!!

They both then gave my limp, lifeless cock a good sucking before I left them and went to bed thinking of what had gone on that night and how enjoyable it had been. I just wasn’t sure how they would react the next day. I needn’t have worried – they both asked if I had a good night and said that there is plenty more available if you want it. I said that would be great. I will tell you more about these adventures soon…