Written by boltoncouple68

21 Mar 2011

My partner and i had never been to a club before so when we saw an ad in the forums about a Christmas party at a club in West Brom we got our names down for it straight away. We still had a few weeks to wait for it but the excitement started to set in straight away.

The weeks flew by and finally we were in the car on the way down to the hotel. It was Christmas so i had bought myself a sexy santa outfit to wear (i love dressing up) and as we were getting ready we were giggling with excitement but very nervous coz we didn’t know what to expect. We ordered a taxi to pick us up at 7.30.

We got out of the taxi and started to walk towards the front where a man was standing welcoming people in and even tho both of us were nervous the excitement took over. We signed in, got our badges and put our coats on the hangers then made our way to the bar where there was a few familiar people standing. We got drinks and started to take ourselves on a tour of the club. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, i couldn’t believe what i was seeing and i was so surprised at how eager i was to join in.

We walked round the club a few times, getting a drink everytime we went past the bar so it wasn’t long before i started to feel a little tipsy. Every time we ended up going up into the loft where there are small rooms in the loft space for people who wanted to play. Some were for couples, some for couples who want 1 person to join them and the one at the end, where we went, was a room where anyone could play with whoever was in there (but we didn’t realise)

Mark and i lay down on the mattresses on the floor and he started to kiss me and rub my pussy to get it very wet. I was so turned on. We wasn’t aware anyone could join in so was slightly shocked when a man put his hands in and started to play with me too. Mark asked the man to stop and the bloke walked off. Having someone elses fingers playing with me at the same time as mark got me very turned on so i told him he should let them join in.

It didn’t take long before there was more men at the door wanting to feel me. I even felt hands coming through the holes in the wall. I thought to myself ‘fuck it’ and i closed my eyes and let my body be fondled by at least 5 men (including Mark). It felt so good, we invited one man to come into the room with us.

I love being touched by Mark and always will but having different men join in adds a different dimension to things. I lay on the floor with my head on Mark and he started to kiss me gently on the lips then slowly moved down to my very large erect nipples. While he was doing this i felt a very large hand work its way up my dress. I knew it wasn’t mark because he was caressing my breasts. My heart was pounding with the knowledge of a stranger fingering my pussy and it felt fantastic. The adrenaline was pumping and i wanted more. Knowing i was safe coz Mark was there i invited the Man in with us and he started to lick my wet pussy. MMMMMMMMMMMM, it felt so good and what made it even better was the fact it was so dark i didn’t know who it was.

I could have easily asked the man to fuck me there and then but something was holding me back. I suppose being new to swinging i wouldn’t let myself go but one thing i do know and that is if i get the opportunity to do it again i am going to grab it with both hands. I may even invite a woman in next time if Marks a good boy. ;-)