Written by topjock69

12 Apr 2010

For those of you that have been keeping up with developments, you will be aware of the fantasy that turned into a reality when jane (my wife of 24 years) finally sampled the enjoyment of another man fucking her.

As a result she now has a mate and regular fuckbuddy.

I say regular but they did have a break for a while from fucking but kept in touch. Nothing serious but life just got in the way for a while and it transpired to be such a long wait!!!!!!

I can always tell when jane wants her fix with him as there is definitely a glint in her eye as she can't help discussing passing comments like "fancy some sloppy seconds" and loves the reaction that she gets as my cock springs into action.

She loves the fact that I have no control over him and that the slightest talk of her tits being sucked makes me so horny he will literally be standing to attention in seconds............... and apparently I am now told that I am well endowed.!!!!

Its the control that she has deciding when she wants to go fucking, and the fact that all three of us are benefitting from this unusual situation that has made her gain more and more confidence in herself.

She enjoys the fact that 2 men want to fuck her and is slowly getting more and more comfortable with the situation.

She is an ordinary woman who never thought that she would be in the situation that she is and just loving the attention she is getting from both of us.

The turn on for me is knowing that another guy fancies her and wants to please her and I just love to hear all about what and how they were doing it together on her return.

That is something that was a little difficult for her at first as she is a very honest and loyal partner and found talking about it difficult.

However between him and me I think we have cracked it as he is happy shagging her and told her that it is not too much for me to ask for, and that I am obviously a very understanding guy!!

She is definitely not the sort of woman that you would expect is shagging away from home and I suppose for us that even more exciting, but she did struggle a little with things at first.

I think that her fuckbuddy was of the opinion he had been blown out having to wait such a long time till he could see her again during her absence.For me it was inevitable that "normal service would resume"!!!and sure enough I could tell that she was about to announce to me her intention of sharing the delights of a full on fucking session with him again, when she made her usual subtle suggestive comments while we were fucking one morning.

I also began to get worked up every time I sucked her beautiful large tits and rock hard nipples,and would imagine watching him doing the same as apparently he likes to gently bit them as well as having his own nipples sucked and bitten by jane.

Then it came.........."Iv been thinking.".....she said"Can I go out to play"??

"Since when have you had to ask"? I replied.

"Well I just want to and you said you wanted to know"!

"Well you how I feel about it" I replied.

"Tell me" she said.

"Well its like this, I love it when you go off and he is running his hands all over you, Plays with your fantastic tits,and you can tell him from me is one lucky guy to have another mans wife that is so genuinly horny and but wants to have a regular mate and no inention of sleeping around.

"How turn you on" she asked.

"I Can't explain, it just does and I love it when you come back home to me all hot and horny and then want more from me.I love it when the gusset on your knickers is wet through from your mixed cum juices and I can't wait to go down on you and tast your cum soaked pussy. I love getting my tongue inside you and drinking you,sucking every drop of cream out of you until you gush all over my face".

By this time we were both frantic as there is nothing she likes better than getting back to me and having her swollen spunk filled pussy licked and fingered be me.She makes her feel great that she can fuck both of us one after the other.

The following evening when we were in bed she told me that she had a job for me."I need you to shave me tomorrow night" she said.

"oh yeh please" I said.

I love getting her prepared for her sessions and make sure that her pussy is fully shaved and beautifully presented.

Whilst doing so I imagine her opening her legs and his cock sliding into her and filling her with his hot cum.

And by this time tomorrow the long wait would be well ant truely over for all three of us!!!