Written by Polly Kingston

6 Sep 2016

I had had several outings and pleasurable times with Mike, this next one happened after he had taken me to visit the vet, I had a very sick cat a lovely ginger one named Tom, my Mum actually arranged this visit at work, when she was talking to Mike. Poor Tom had to stay in the vet, I was in floods of tears, Mike took me for a ride to calm me down,

We pulled up by the side of the road, and Mike started to cuddle me and kiss me, very gently as always. Then he started up the car and drove towards the forest.

Mike pulled me onto his knee, he always said he liked me to sit on his knee, I fitted just right.

I was engaged at the time, I always told myself I was doing no harm, as long as we weren't having full sex. This was just playing. I really did love my fiancée, but I can see now looking back why I was tempted, Mike was just so nice, always, he was kind and he made me feel desirable and special, I wasn't used to it, I had had other boyfriends who were like Mike, but my fiancée wasn't, he could be cold and never said I looked nice., in fact he would tease me with the opposite. Mike seemed to know every inch of me, he touched me intimately as if I was his property. But in a nice way, constantly talking through things He seemed to know just what I liked more than I did.

That late afternoon in the forest, I discover something else about myself, or maybe it was the first time I admitted it to myself, let alone anyone else.

In the past few years lots of boys and also two of my bosses, had always threatened to Spank me, or to put me across their knee if I did something wrong or got a bit cheeky. One boy even did it to me in a railway carriage coming home from a football match in front of lots of people, of course it hurt but the embarrassment was awful. I hid my face in the chest of the boy I was actually with all the way home.

With Mike I don't remember what led up to it, we were having a slight argument and Mike said "that's it, that's the end of it now, one more word and ill put you across my knee and spank you."

I blushed from head to toe, and trying to regain my pride I said "Well you will never do that in the car there is not room, and I'm not getting out" I felt myself being forcibly pulled out of the car, dragged over to where there was a fallen log, and he pulled me across his knee, pulled my skirt up and my knickers down, and hit me hard a number of times, with his hand on my bottom. All sorts of things went through my mind, he made me cry, which made things worse, I was embarrassed, quite shakey, I really didn't know how to handle it, I had no one in this instance to hide behind. afterwards he pulled me up onto his knee and said "I did warn you" at the time this seemed out of character with Mike, but it was actually the start of another way to play. Mike started to kiss me and I just melted I felt so strange so like jelly inside, incredible turned on, I kissed him back, and I put my arms around his neck and held him tight. Mike looked up and his eyes twinkled his dimples widened and he said "Oh you liked that didn't you, I said "of course I didn't" he could have laid me down right there and fucked me,but that wasn't how Mike played. He picked me up, and shoved me in the back of his car, this time face down, he pulled my knickers right off, he postioned himself right over the me, he breathed around my neck, giving me little kisses and breathed arm air around my ears, back to my neck, and slowly gently worked his way down my back to my bottom where he stopped and licked and kissed me, slowly gently , this was extremely arousing my feelings were in turmoil, I was hot and sticky against the car seat, with his tongue he licked all around my clit and the whole area from front to back, Passion was building inside me I really wanted him to make love to me I wanted it badly full penetration, but this was good, this was alien to me, what he had done and what he was doing, he had me totally in his power what he ever he wanted to do, he could do it, I loved it. Mike had a condom on, somewhere along the line he had pulled his trousers down, he rubbed his cock against my backside, pushing hard against me and rubbing himself, until he reached his moment

The pulsating had started from deep down inside me, like waves of pure pleasure, the waves came crashing down,release came it was so intense I involuntarily cried out and I shuddered and then the warmth and the peace followed. Mike pulled me gently onto his lap and put his arms around me and held me tight for some time, we didn't speak, until he looked down at me and smiled and said "So my little girl likes a spanking, well fancy that" Mike reached for his baby wipes and cleaned us both up, this time he started with my face, looking closely into my eyes as he did it.

How did I feel, well I felt confused, elated, I felt a I had crossed a line with my behavior , I felt a bit like a tart I liked it so much, I thought I must be very weird, very strange to have enjoyed this treatment. This man had reached such parts of me,, such feelings that I never knew existed. He was 45 I wasn't sure if that made it better or worse, better I think because I did feel safe with him, almost protected, even after this.

The spanking had happened so quickly I remember being across his knee, wondering when he would stop, emotionally I had felt the excitement that almost drained my energy, I had had no resistance. The pleasure/pain. surprised me. The whole experience surprised me.

My months with Mike were my own secret time, no one would ever find out, I know my mother was not in the slightest suspicious, even though she knew we spent time together. My sister did though, she said I was very bad taking too many risks. The rest of my time with Mike was maybe a little repetitive , he gave me what Iiked, I let him play, we never actually fucked, that is maybe my one regret,

I cant remember the relationship ending, I think maybe I got married moved a few miles away. I think it just happened that one day he took me home and for some reason I never saw him again.