Written by horny-bi-couple

17 Jun 2011

At 2 minutes to 8 Julie and I were on tender hooks waiting for Jack, the guy who we had chosen to Give Julie the benifit of his thick, long cock.

We had advertised for guy with a big cock to make amends to Julie for my lack of both girth and Length. I was to watch while Jack gave Julie the fuck of

her life.

At exactly 8pm, the time arranged Jacks van pulled up. Julie met him at the door dressed in see through top, tiny skirt, black thong and stockings.

She looked stunning, good enough to eat and Jack obviously thought so too.

Julie took him into the longue while I fetched him a bottle of beer.

By the time I got into the lounge, Julie had her tongue down Jacks throat and her hands clutching his ass, pulling him to her.

Certainly no nerves there on Julies part.

I sat opposite watching with growing excitement.

Julie Rubbed her hands all over his clothed body, paying close attention to his groin, She gave a small wimper as her hand rested on his

swelling manhood under his jeans...I could see he was not going to disappoint.

Julie sat asride him rubbing herself hard against his now straining bulge under his jeans, groaning with anticipation at things to cum.

She took Jacks teeshirt of, undid his jeans and pulled them down over his cock.

I could now see his fully erect cock twitching and throbbing within his underpants....I knew Julie was going to love feeling him inside her.

"Take me to bed" I heard Julie wisper.....

Upstairs things started to heat up, Jack was naked now, his thick, throbbing cock twitching and jumping proudly from his firm body,

seeming to call Julie to worship it.

And worship she did.

She took that monster in her mouth and sucked him long and deep, moaning with pleasure as Jack thrust forward with every stroke,

this is What Julie needs, A real man with a REAl cock.

Jack turned Julie over and started sucking her nipples hard...Julie loves this and it wasn't long before her back was arching,

Ohhhh God!! she screamed, you are good!!!

Her pussy all the time thrusting toward his thick glistening knob.

I sat On the chair in the corner rubbing my tiny erection, in awe at how good this guy is...

He had taken Julies top off now so that he could suck on her beautiful tits. Mmmmmm, you have beautiful tits, he whispers.

Then he got down to some real deep kissing, biting her neck, whispering how gorgeous Julies body is, with every word, every kiss

Julies pussy was more ungently thrusting toward his thick manhood.

Then Jack moved down to her pussy...oooohhhh God...Don't stop, please dont stop!! Julie cries. He was obviously doing wonderful things to her

with his magic tongue.

When he came up to kiss her nipples again I could see Julies pussy glistening, dripping with her cum, wet and ready to take Jacks

thick cock.

He was loving Julie, like I never could. I had never had Julie beg me not to stop, shouting out with pleasure.

He had not started to fuck her yet.

Fuck me....please fuck me I heard Julie beg between gasps from her last orgasm.

Jack slowly rubbed his massive thick knob up and down Julies wet pussy lips...she begged him to thrust if in her, give it to her, fuck her

He Hangs on a while longer,

This guy is so fucking good. I would have thrust my little cock into her hole, fucked her for two minutes,

dribble my few drops of thin cum into her sweet pussy... She would hardly feel a thing, I could always see the frustration in her

eyes afterwards. For 8 years she has had to make do with my pathetic little cock. No wonder she was begging for more of

what Jack was doing for her.

He was making love with her as I never had nor could.

As Jack thrust his bulging, throbbing manhood between Julies glistening pussy lips, she moans deep and long, thrusting her hips up

to meet his thick shaft....oooohhhhhh fucking hell she crys....fuuckkkk!!!!!

He had thrust all 8+ in deep inside her pussy and she was fucking loving it.

Her legs wrapped around his back his body glistening with sweat now as he started to pump his thick cock deep into her sopping pussy.

Her back arches in orgasm, she's screaming with pleasure, begging him to fuck her harder, deeper.

I could see her pussy was stretched wide as his cock thrust in all the way to his balls.

How could he last like this, Julie's pussy I know felt good and my little cock hardly touches the sides.

He was such a lover, and Julie was getting the full length of his thick, throbbing manhood and she was begging for more.

She was crying out for his cum now...Give me your spunk.. Fill me, Give it to me!!!!

He asked what she wanted, "Your spunk"....He asked again, "your spunk...Please give me your spunk...PLEASE!!!

Jack lifted julies legs higher so she was on her back with her feet above her head, he could thrust so deep that way.

I could see Julie's juice running down the crack of her gistening arse as he started to pound her pussy deeper and deeper,

harder, his balls tight against her arse with every in stroke.

Still he kept pounding her pussy. My god he had been making love with Julie for nearly two hours, both Julie and Jack were glistening

with the sweat of their lovemaking.

Julie was crying with pleasure now, wimpering with each stoke of his swelling, throbbing, pulsating manhood.

His thrusting got more urgent, deeper and harder, with every thrust Julie would cry out as she thrust her hips toward his incoming cock.


He lifted her legs even higher and gave one last thrust...deep thrust...Ohhhh God!!...God yes!! she screams as his balls tighten,

I saw her pussy stretch even more as his thick, cock pumped the contents of his balls deep into Julies hungry, wanton belly.

His thick, creamy, fertile spunk flowed from his virile, cock deep into Julies belly, giving her what she has craved

for years.