Written by Mick

6 Mar 2009

What happened to me on holidays last year was very simple, but was the most erotic experience of my life, My wife and I are both 50 years old, we have a very good sex life she loves anything and everything that we do while fucking,.

To cut to the chase ,we were on hols in Spain last august, we go away to just relax ,and that means the beach every day from dawn till dusk.

our hotel was at the end of the 4 mile stretch of beach, so all the watch and hand bag sellers would turn around to go back down the beach when they reached our sunbeds.

I would have the crack with them, talking the international language of football, with most of the chaps coming from Senegal, their hero was El- Hajeduf who played for Liverpool and some other Premier club, I got very friendly with a chap called Sami,

I would give him a drink of water, look at his watches , handbags, and tried to talk to him in , his English was not very good , but we got to chat anyway.

What I did notice about sami was that after he carried his 20 handbags and box of Watches the lent of the beach he would collapse on the sand beside our sunbed and catch his breath and take five , it was when he was lay back on the sand that I noticed

that his dick was peeping out of his shorts,and when I say it was big i mean it was like a baby\\\\\\\'s arm, i had read and seen vids but this was my first sitting of the real thing.Lets call my wife Hannah,Hannah was quick to notice his dick as well , so decided to ask him to show me some of his Watches and on doing so he sat on the sand in between our sunbeds legs crossed, and right on cue his dick sticking out of his shorts , To my surprise what happened next stunned me , we were looking at the Lady\\\\\\\'s watches and hannah was now sit ing opposite him on the sand trying on watches and as he was helping her to close the catch on the bracelet when he did so she gently touched the head of his dick,for a moment there was a real charged sexual atmosphere among the 3 of us , and with hannah biteing her bottom lip she just reached across and put her hand up his shorts and gave his dick a squeeze, and i swear to god the fucking thing sprung into life I mean it grew to twice the size it had been, The dirty bitch sat there on the sand and started to wank him off,although there were people about she kept her hand well out of site and rubbed his now massive dick inside the leg of his shorts,he was fucking loving it and so was I, she then put her other hand between her legs and pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms to one side so he could look at her pussy while she rubbed him with out saying a word, he started to tense up and you could tell he was going to cum, and in no time at all he emptied his load all over her arm and she even guided some of his spunk onto her pussy, which she was fingering like crazy, this all took about 3 mins, hannah took her hand away wiped the spunk off her self stood up and smiled , put her book and sun oil in her bag and said to me that she would see back at the room and walked off back to the hotel. I just looked at Sami laughed and said El- Hajduf ,lit a fag and said my good bys. I could not get back to the hotel room quick enough, I rode her like a man possessed while getting her to tell me what she had just done ,.

was the best day of my life.