Written by Girly103

24 Jul 2007

I was bored until I started to chat to N online....

We had met several times at his place and had good sex. This went on for several month and we had talked about what my fatasies where....I said being a slut for the day and having a few men use me.One day he texted and asked if i fancied some more fun this time with his freind.

Never doing this before and always wondering what it would be like for me....I agreed.

I went to his place early one morning and had a few drink and sat on the sofa when there was a knock at the door in walked two good looking men,I was introduced to them J & D.they smiled and sat beside me, N asked was I still for some fun with them all? Well you try telling my pussy not to get wet at the thought. With the two fella sat either side of me N said I was open to anything....I was their slut for the morning......I sat ther with my legs slightly opened and they all started to undress me.There was hand and fingers every where. They opened there trousers so i could see there aroused cocks...i took a cock in both hands and N thrusted his cock into my mouth.....I just sat back and let them enjoy their selves with me I have fingers going in every hole, at one time I had both men D & J fingers thrusting in me.....It didnt take N long before he came in my mouth his hot cum ran down the back of my throat .....on seeing this J decided he wanted to fuck me....sliding me onto the floor he removed his trousers and thrusted his 8inch cock hard home into my pussy, whilst he did this N played hard with my tits and D knelt at the side of me and pushed his cock into my mouth .......wow I was enjoying this.........before J shot his hot spunk into me he turned me over onto all fours and pushed his cock into my arse so he could cum inside my arse......mmmmmmmm D slid under me and pushed his now throbbing cock into my wet pussy and N put his semi loaded cock back into my mouth........I was sent to heaven and back as they came over me and inside of me several times this happenedd as they changes posistions....Then I heard the door again and voices and N had let two other fella into the room. They looked at me and I could see from the bulges in their trousers it wouldnt be long before I was feeling their cocks inside of me. I heard J say I was the best fuck he\'s had in ages and was wanting more from me....He moved to one side and one of the new fella took his place thrusting his cock deep in me....whilst his freind wanked over me....This went on all morning them having me in turn. I was used over and over again I was enjoying all the attention but I knew it had to stop sometime...My pussy and arse ached I dont know if it was from the thrusting I had taken or that I didnt want it to stop. I went upsatairs to shower and get my self dressed the fellas gradually left before J left he gave me his phone number.I have seen N a few times more but only on his own....I have also seen J several time I never did know whtt the two new fellas where called but maybe that was for the best...I dont see N now but J and myself have become very good sex partners but we have never discused me being shared out again....