Written by John

20 Feb 2007

A friend and I had been to a beer festival. He came to our place, my wife acted as chauffeuse to allow us to take full advantage of the range of beers available, and he spent the night on the floor of the lounge on a Lilo covered by a duvet.

The next morning my wife and I had an early-morning shag, then we got up and went downstairs for tea and breakfast. We made the tea and my wife took a cup in to my friend. Without knocking, she opened the door and walked straight in. I was looking in that direction, so we were both greeted by the sight of him naked, covers off, caught in mid wank. He was lying on his back, frozen into immobility, with a most impressive 8-inch erection pointing to the ceiling.

After the briefest hesitation, my wife said "You shouldn't be doing that on your own" and walked over to him. Putting down his cup she knelt astride his waist, raised her negligee (which was all that she was wearing), and lowered herself onto his prick. This slid straight into her cunt up to the hilt, assisted by the well lubricated state she was in following our earlier screw which I can only guess had left her still aroused. She raised and lowered herself on him a few times then undid the tie of her garment, let it slip off, and leant forwards to thrust her breasts into his face. After a while she straightened up and sat on him to get maximum penetration. She worked up and down in time to his thrusts, at the same time twisting and wriggling to increase their sensations. I knew she'd also be squeezing his knob with her cunt muscles. By this time I was wanking off into her mouth. We three kept this up for a few minutes until it was too much for me despite having already come once that morning. I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed - not something she would usually do, but she was so carried away with the moment that she would do anything. Just after that my friend came deep inside her, but she told us she wanted more so we then gave her oral until she'd had her customary five or six orgasms. Her salty taste and the smell of cunt and semen soon had us both ready for another fuck but this time the roles were reversed and it was his spunk that she swallowed whilst I did her doggy-style.

Then it was time to waken the kids, so it was breakfast, showers and a polite ‘thanks for having me’ and goodbye - until the next beer festival or whatever other excuse we can find.