Written by spunkmaster

10 Apr 2007

My Wife is a reasonably attractive woman , 60 years of age and recently retired, having an interest to occupy her was very important so as a result she decided to learn to play the keyboard , she found an accomplished teacher in the locality and began weekly lessons.All went along quite normally for a couple of months, untill , on one occasion whilst I was preparing the evening meal my wife returned from her lesson and unaware that I had noticed, placed something in the washing machine.Without making any sign that I had seen her, I looked in the machine and saw a pair of her knickers on top of other items, my curiosity was aroused and I felt the knickers and found them to be very damp and obviously having recently been innundated with cum.I made no mention of my discovery to my wife, but eagerly awaited next weeks lesson, sure enough a week later the same situation ensued.the difference being that this time the underwear was a very brief red lace pair which my wife would normaly only wear in bed for my pleasure, I decided some frank talking was called for, and asked my wife for an explanation, after some initial reluctance, she told me that tearfully that sex had taken place, but only because she had been a silly old woman and allowed herself to be flattered by the attentions of a much younger man, her teacher, it transpired was only in his mid thirties, and very good looking. When I asked how the situation had turned to sex, she told me that from the first lesson Phil her teacher had taken to leaning over her whilst showing different keys, and during one lesson she bacame aware that he was erect, but thinking that it was an accident she dismissed it, however it started to happen as a matter of routine and ultimately led to him fully exposing his penis and pressing my wifes hand to it.This according to my wife was when she lost control, and as a result performed oral sex and finished him with her hand, the next lesson was spent engaged in full sex, and subsequent occasions the same. Having found out the details of my wifes behaviour, I like so many other contributors to these pages felt so aroused that I had to shag her whilst relishing what she had done, My wife was dumbfounded that I was not insanely angry and said that she would cancell her remaining lessons, I convinced her that my biggest thrill would be for her to go on and enjoy herself as long as it lasted, on condition that she told me everything that happens, and this last week I did something that I never thought I would ever do,I fucked her as soon as she got home, whilst she was still wet with his come, and I dont want the situation to stop, and think I would ultimately like to watch while she had sex with another man