Written by joeblogg12

20 Dec 2010

We live in a small suffolk vilage called kxxxxxxland and there is a fair amount of women here who really need a good seeing to this is about my nieghbour called emma and she is around 38/39 and fair looking she seems to lead a boring life and doesnt seem to have much excitement any way there was a knock at the door and she asked me if i could have alook at the fuses as her lights went of i said ok cant darren look at it no he,s away so of i went and walked in and knew where the fuse box was and i saw it had tripped so i flicked it back on and all lights on again oooh thanks how can i thank you tea i said ok and put the kettle on i said use the loo ok she said yes use upstairs as the one down here has all christmas presents in ok so up i went i went inbto the bathroom and had a piss and noticed the laundry basket and thought hmmm a sneaky peak lifted the lid and there onthe top was a pair of nice pink lacy knickers and i picked them up and sniffed and i started to get hard just then the door came open and it was emma ijust stood there knickers under my nose and cock straining she gasped and said sorry sorry i thought you had gone downstairs no im sorry i said and put the knickers back and followed her down stairs to the kitchen and she looked at me and i said im sorry emma i just find them a great turn on knowing you had worn them so sorry again and went to leave i had to walkpast her and as i did she looked at me and smiled i just grabbed her and started kissing her and i reached down and grabbed at her tits under her jumper and they were huge her nipples were sticking out like coat pegs and she started gasping and saying no i shouldnt no i put my hand down between her legs and rubbed her through her jeans and her legs just parted and that was all the sign i needed i pullled away and undid her jeans and pulled them down and there it was her lovely pussy with a small amount of hair that i could see through her knickers i pushed her into the living room and then ripped of her knickers and there it was her cunt was exposed she moved her hands to cover and i pushed them aay and said now youll have a good cock in you no she said we cant do this ive never been with another man apart from darren and i wouldnt do that then i undid my zipp and flopped the old chap out and a good 7/8 inches came out and her eyes just tranfixed on it and then went oooh god its big and i said yes and its yours with that she went down on her knees and took me in her mouth and her mouth was so wet her little mouth trying to get it all in i looked at her and thought shy house wife my arse then i said get on your back and open your pussy for me she dutily obliged and what a sight all nice and pink and wet i went down and tasted her and she was sweet and tasty she started moaning and then said just fucking put that cock inme please so i knelt down and put the tip in and it was so god damn tight i said when was the last time you had cock in there cant remember she said i started to squeeze into her and she was gasping and wincing with pain just shove it in please i pulled back and then just shoved it in and she started sobbing but also getting very wet well we fucked all over the house in her bed even and she took 2 loads of wet sticky cock juice up her after we had finished she gave me the knickers and said keep these till next time i said next time ill fuck your arse and will bring my mate round for tea too well we did and i will write you about that soon