Written by joe

2 Jun 2008

I was 21 at the time working in a garage store anyway on the way home from work i popped in two a newsagent for some cigs as the old man gave me my change he put the change in my hand with one hand and held it with other i did not think much about it at the time but each time i went in there he did the same thing and always engaged me in conversation by this time i had realised he was gay but i was finding it exciting the fact that he fancied me and the fact i was turning him on started to get me horny so one evening on the way home i popped in to do my teasing as usual but he asked if i would like a cup of tea i said yes and with that he locked the shop and led me downstairs to the basement kitchen

he put the kettle on and we sat down on an old sofa we chatted about everything and nothing really but the place was strewn with dirty magazines and he said have look at these why don\\\\\\\'t you and i did suddenly he said i bet you would be good in some of them photos i laughed and was now very nervous horny and very excited not knowing what would happen next we sipped our tea and he showed me the photos he liked all of which were erect cock i was by now as hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum in my pants he then just reached over undone my jeans pushed my pants down and pulled my cock out without saying a word he undressed me and started to wank me slowly he then undressed and when i saw his cock i was in shock it was huge at least 8\\\\\\\" long and 3\\\\\\\"thick he then

asked if i liked it i just about muttered yes with that he began to wank me squeezing my cock hard and at the same time fingering me he said you have a virgin arse don\\\\\\\'t you again i muttered yes and now he put my hand on his cock and i began to wank him i was on the verge of cumming when the basement door opened and in walked another old man he stood looking at me and smiling he said this is the little spunk-er is it and the old guy i was wanking said oh yes with that he walked over got undressed and just put his cock in my mouth

it to was quite large but not as big as his friend i just started to suck and lick the big knob and still kept wanking

the newsagent this went on for ages he now had at least three fingers in me then very gently i felt my arse being lubed with that they stopped pulled me over the sofa arm shoved a pillow under me the guy i was sucking knelt in front of me and now started to really fuck my mouth then i was in agony as i felt the newsagent pushing his huge cock into me slowly at first but then with strong thrusts they were both fucking me now and i was in a daze the pain had given way to a feeling of pleasure with that i got my first

taste of cum he exploded in my mouth it was pumping everywhere i had to swallow or drown at the same time i was being fucked senseless with that i felt the hot spunk shooting in to my arse jet after jet and newsagent was saying do you like that you little spunk bitch when he had finished he pulled me up with his cock still inside me and said to his mate milk him he grabbed my cock and wanked me hard at the same time squeezing my balls i exploded my spunk was cumming out in a continuous stream and even when i thought i have no more he kept wanking until every drop had been removed he pulled out and i just slumped on to the sofa i was trembling with spunk oozing out of me they both helped me clean up and said thats what you get for being a prick tease and that from now on i was have tea with them once a week