Written by WifeSharer

12 Jan 2017

One night we were sitting in a booth in the corner of the pub midweek and it was more quiet than usual. My wife was in a flirty mood and told me she would finally be up for someone to pull her that night like I had frequently hinted during sex over the past several years. I went to the loo and when I returned, a guy about ten years younger than my wife's 43 years was sat next to her.

They were chatting when I returned and he had already bought her a drink. She introduced me to him and told me he was visiting for the week on business. We all chatted for a while, then I excused myself saying I had to go out to our car to get something (really to give them some time alone). When I returned they were sat very close to each other and as I joined them I could see their legs were touching and her skirt was pushed up high. He looked a bit unsure of me, so I told him she was a big girl and she can do anything she wants without any problem from me.

He smiled, and then ignored me and soon his hand was between her legs. I saw she was excited, so I suggested he ask her to dance as the dance floor cannot easily be seen from where we were sitting. When they returned they were sweaty and quickly went for their drinks. He looked over at me and asked if I was alright with him being with her. I told him this was her night to do what she wanted. He asked her to dance again, and this time they were gone a long time. When they finally returned, her make-up was a bit in disarray and her hair mussed.

They had another drink and chatted like on a date, ignoring me. After a while, he had his hand up between her legs. She pushed her hips forward on the bench seat and leaned back. It was obvious he was fingering her. She closed her eyes, and then her body began to tremble. She soon held back with her mouth tightly closed, but her hip movements and his hand movements told me he was making her come.

When she was finished, she whispered something in his ear, and he took her back to the dance floor. They were again gone a long time, about 20 minutes. When they returned, she said we needed to leave. Walking out to our car, he walked with her ahead of me holding her hand. When we got to the car in a dark part of the car park, he took her in his arms, kissed her deeply while pulling her skirt up to her waist and slipped his hand into her crotch. My already hard cock twitched when I saw that her panties were gone. He slipped his fingers into her pussy and fingered her for a few seconds until she told him to stop and let me have a turn.

She opened the rear door and backed herself onto the rear seat, facing the door. She raised and spread her legs, then told me to place me head between her legs. I slipped a couple of fingers up her as I moved my face close to sniff her cunt. About the same time my fingers felt the thick slippery fluid inside her pussy, my nose smelled the distinct odour of his cum. They had obviously sneaked out during one of their dance interludes and he had fucked her.

When she was sure I realized what they had done, she told me to fuck her right then and there. By now, I was so horny I just dropped my trousers and pants to my ankles, leaned over her as she laid her upper body back, and fucked her as if we were at a dogging site. I didn't last long, coming quickly and adding my cum to his already up her. He just stood watching us as his body was blocking us from any onlookers who might pass by. When I was finished, he took my place while I watched him fuck her again. Afterward, she told me he was returning to ours with us and would stay the night.

When we got home, we went up to our bedroom and I watched as he fucked her to a come doggy, depositing another load of cum up her. Then it was my turn and I fucked her missionary and came again in her. We have a big bed, so he and I took turns a few more times before we all fell asleep. Around 3 in the morning, I awoke to some violent movements in the bed and saw him again fucking her doggy, but this time with some really powerful cock thrusts. His frenzied pounding pushed her over and she screamed out her climax. I had never before heard her make so much noise when coming. She ended a series of uninhibited sexual utterances with, "God, you can fuck me forever!! I love you!"

I had unleashed the slut in my wife. She fucked him two more times in the next three hours, coming each time with screams of pleasure. When he left for his meetings that morning, she told me he would return that evening and they would have a repeat of the night before in our bed, and I could make it a threesome since I was her husband, but she mainly wanted him to fuck her. And he did, and they did, and I had her twice myself, but otherwise she his for the next two nights.

He's to return in a few months and she wants him. In the meantime, she's talking about pulling another guy the same way and fucking him in our bed. I actually like the idea since our sex life has been incredible since he left. I get it every night, and if I can't make her come, she fingers herself to a come while I'm in her and screams it out. She previously was too embarrassed to bring herself off while I was in her and she never made any way near that much noise when coming.