Written by S and J

8 Dec 2008

I have been with my partner S for 5 years we meet when we were 18 and have a very good sex life, when we met S a virgin and she had only been with me. During sex after a few years we spoke of naughty fantasy\\\\\\\'s to spice things up, i have always wanted to see her get fucked by another man and for me to watch and join in. This always made her hotter and cum loads and she seemed to love it when we were having sex but would go quiet after. It always really turned me on and the more we spoke about it the more naughhty to would get and i would be fucking her arse and would put her dildo in her arse and we would talk about how it was another bloke and she loved it.

While doing this one day i asked S if there was anyone she wished the dildo was and she said \\\\\\\"Dan\\\\\\\", i did not know who this was at the time but i could see the thought of having dan turned her on alot!! After we finished i was still horny and asked who dan was and S told he was a bloke down the pub where she works who was always chatting her and asking her out. I could tell from the way she spoke about him she really fancied and she said if she was not with me then would of gone out with him but she could not cos she loved me. Often after when she would come back from work she would tell me how dan had been chatting her up and i would feel her knickers which would be wet and i knew she wanted him.

The naughty talk continued and the fantasy got bigger and i really wanted her to fuck dan and sometimes when i fucked her i would tell her to imagine it was dan and for her to do to me what she would do to him and it was great.

Then it was her birthday and she was going up town with work colleagues and friends i had to work early the next day and so only went down the pub. S dressed up very sexy, she is a size 10 and has lovely 34D breasts and she was wearing a top which showed her talents very well with tight jeans and a sexy thong under. While at the pub i met her friends and S introduced me to dan! He was good looking and i could tell from the way he looked at her he wanted her and she wanted him even though she always said he could not have sex with another man while she was with me. The drinks were flowing and i noticed s txting someone, so i aksed who she was texting and she showed, it was dan, he was saying how sexy looked and how the work uniform didnt do her justice. She was txting back innocent things but i knew the more she drunk the hornier she would get and it was my chacne for the fantasy to become reality.

Time came for the group to go up town to the clubs and for me to go home, i was horny as hell and had been rubbing s in the right places to make her horny and i could tell the drinks were having their affect.

After being home for about an hour i txt s to see how things were going and i could tell from the reply she was merry to say the least, so i txt \\\\\\\"Are you feeling naughty and horny?\\\\\\\", she replied quickly \\\\\\\"yeh but your not here\\\\\\\" so i replied \\\\\\\"well isnt there anyone there that can help you?\\\\\\\"(Knowing dan had gone up town)She replied \\\\\\\"well theres dan and he keeps dancing with me\\\\\\\" my knob was getting bigger and bigger. I told her to dance with dan in a sexy manner and see where things go, after about an hour i got a txt from s, she said W\\\\\\\"Been dancing with dan and rubbing my arse against him and she has been touching me everywhere i can feel his cock, its massive\\\\\\\". This txt made me very hard so i txt her \\\\\\\"Do you want him to fuck you?\\\\\\\", to which she replied \\\\\\\"YES!!!\\\\\\\" i told her to get back home with him so the fantasy can happen which she agreed.

After about 30mins i heard a taxi pull up outside, i could see s and dan get out and come into the house, they were kissing passionatly as they approached the house.

I heard them enter the house and go into the lounge, where i could hearing kissing and moaning and S saying \\\\\\\"Ive wanted you for so long\\\\\\\" by now i was wanking my cock and wanted to see the live show so i sneaked down stairs. When i entered the lounge S was standing in dans arms with his hands wandering over her body, he then undid her top and released her breasts and started licking and kissing them.I could see S moving her hands over dans groin area rubbing his cock, she then unzipped his jeans and pulled them down leaving him in his boxers with his now fully erect cock trying to escape. S has given me oral on a few occasions which she is very goo at but it is not her fasvouite thing but i could dan was going to get the treat. She has then released his precum cover cock which measured about 8inchs from his boxers and started licking and sucking it, dan was moaning and enjoying being sucked. Then he noticed me and looked shocked and pulled away, S then looked around and said to me \\\\\\\"Dont just stand there get here\\\\\\\" i have then walked over to her and she has pulled my cock out and started sucking both mine and dans cock. Dan looked surprised and but soon was back to enjoying S, he soon got his head between her legs and started licking her dripping pussy, whcih made her moan greatly. She sucked my cock even harder and i asked if she was enjoying herself to which she nobbed happily. She then shouted i need fucking, Dan looked at me and i said \\\\\\\"Go for it\\\\\\\", he has then pulled a condom from his wallet and stuffed his cock in S pussy, it was so great to see her having another man. I then got S in a position where i could fuck her arse, once inside her i could feel dans cock rubbing her pussy and she was screaming for more, we fucked her hard of 10 minutes then S said that it does not feel as good as it could. I said to her what do u mean, she said i cant feel dans cock properly, i knew exactly what she wanted as we also have bareback sex as she does not like condoms. I tols S to sort it so it was how she wanted it, Dan looked confused, then S pulled dans cock out of her pussy and pulled the condom off then she said \\\\\\\"now fuck me properly\\\\\\\" and dan did not need asking twice he was straight in her bareback riding her. This made me very hard and big and i could feel i wanted to cum, dan was moaning more and i could tell that he was nearly ready to cum. S could tell we were ready to cum and she said i wanted both your cum in me at the same time, it was so good to see my sweet girlfriend being treated like and acting like a slut. Within 30 seconds both me and dan came deep inside S and she let out abig moan. We then all lay there with cum dripping out of S and all fell asleep.

In the morning i was woke up by S stroking my cock, i was soon hard and gave her a good fucking talking about what we ahd done the night before, dan was still there and asleep. I said to S did she want to fuck dan again, to which she said yes buit only if it was ok with me\\\\\\\" I said yes it was and said i would go downstairs and make breakfast while she had some fun, S was very excited. As i left the room S was going under the duvet to suck dans cock, within a few minutes i could hear S moaning as dan fucked her while i was downstairs. Breakfast was ready and so i went upstairs i could still hear moaning going from the room and this time its was dan. I walked in to find S on all fours sucking dans cock, normally S would only suck at the being of sex not after it had been in her so i knew how horny she must of bin. I then put the breakfast down and put my cock in her dripping pussy, she let out a long moan and then said i want cum in two places again. She has never let me cum in her mouth before so guessed she wanted it in her arse and pussy again but to my surprise she continued sucking dans cock while i fucked her pussy. Dan was moaning and saying \\\\\\\"im going to cum\\\\\\\" S did not move and just sucked longer and deeper, this made me go harder as i knew she wanted his cum in her mouth. I was soon ready to cum at the thought of this and then i heard dan cummin and S swallowing his cum down this made me cum in S pussy, she then turned and looked at me and she had dans cum dripping out of her mouth, she was smiling, i then kissed her passionatley tasing dans saltly cum in her mouth.

Dan left soon after and me and S spent the whole day fucking including her swallowing my cum numerous times.

We now meet up with every month for a nice threesome.