12 Jun 2019

Me and Mary lived together for five years before we got married and our sex life was great before we got married, Mary had asked me what i had wanted for a wedding present and i said to her half jokingly to have are friend Dave round the night before. Well she said ok and i knew deep in my heart it was going to be a great night. The Thursday night came and Dave came about ten thirty Mary was dressed in a lemon button down dress she left a few buttons open at the top and bottom she had cream hold ups on and cream bra and knickers to match, Dave had been coming of at our home late at night for over a year and aways was a big turn on for Mary he was at that stage about twenty years older than us and a eight inch penis and thick. What Mary did not know I had asked our friend George round at the same time I told George to come at ten thirty also but to come to the back door at let himself into the kitchen. Dave came and i let him in Mary was sitting on the living room sofa with her legs open you could see the red hair of her pussy coming out the side of her knickers. dave sat and one side her and me at the other we both started to take turns at kissing her and touching her up putting our hands up her dress and rubbing her boobs, At this George walked in with a hard cock in his hand walked of to Mary and put it in her mouth me and Dave started to open the buttons on her dress and pulled her bra up showing of her 44dd breasts with her nipple rock hard and took one each in our mouths and this we stood her up and and let her dress fall to the floor we took her bra off and George took her knickers of and started to lick her pussy she was in heaven and just said who first. We all went quick to the bedroom she lay on the bed and Dave and George lay each side of her I went between her legs and started to lick her pussy while George and Dave played and sucked at her breasts this was not good enough for her she claimed on to Dave he had the biggest penis and got hold of it and put it inside her and started to do him cowgirl she loves this George was walking slow over her I got behind Mary and was rubbing my hard cock on her bum my balls were touching Dave,s at times it was not long before I herd Mary moaning and she was pulling her own breasts and nipples Dave started to buck her faster and he was moaning and starting to cum in her also his cock fell out of her pussy and I put my cock right into her wet pussy I started bucking her very fast and George was walking beside her mouth I was pull her hair and bucking her hard I could not hold back any longer and I shoot my spunk right up her pussy at this George came over her face which she licked and took a lot into her mouth I pulled out Mary turned round on her back and dave did what he likes best he went down on Mary and licked her out on till she came again what a preceding night.