Written by H61299

12 Jun 2008

In the late 60\'s, i had a part time job in a small shop in my village. i was nearly eighteen to at the time was doing odd jobs for various people as there was no permement work around. On fridays in the shop i had to make up orders and deliver them around the various houses and farms on my bike, most of the day and next morning were spent doing this task. On my round i had to deliver to a small farm up on the hill, it was owened by an old man of about 70,who was still quite active but was a freindly old guy who lived alone. This one day he was my last call so was not in to much hurry to get home, when i got there i knocked on the door and heard him shout to come in. When i entered i nearly dropped his groceries, in front of me by the kitchen sink was the old man naked washing himself. I said sorry for disturbing him and placed the groceries on the table and went to leave, but he asked me if i wanted a glass of stout! i thought about it and thought why not and ent to sit down at the table.

All the time he just stood there naked washing, then he started to wash his cock and balls whichfor a smallish man were rather large. When he had finished washing he didn\'t bother putting any clothes on, he just went to the pantry and got two bottles of stout. He sat down by the table right next to me and we talked a bit, then he started asking me about girlfriends! I told him i had not much experience with girls, then he reached across and put his hand on my thigh. Now i knew enough about life to know what was happening and should have got up and left, but i didn\'t! i think he took that as asignal to carry on and his hand moved over to my zip, undid it and slipped his hand in. By now i had a strong erection, and his impressive cock was standing rigid. He wanked me for a bit asking me if it was nice, god it was i told him, he told me to stand and remove my clothes, then he took me over to a grubby sofa, lay me down and sucked my hard cock. It didn\'t take long before i signalled him that i was going to cum, but he just carried on and i came in his mouth, what a great feeling, he swallowed the lot! I thought that was that, but he asked me if he could fuck my arse, i agreed as long as he was carefull. He told me to bend over the arm of the sofa and spread my legs, then he went to the pantry again and came back with a large blob of lard on his fingers.

He spread the lard in and around my arse then on his cock which was by now standing stiff and musthave been about eight inches in length and quite thick! He pushed the head of his cock in slowly, then gradually nearly all of it was in and he began to shag me,slowly at first then quicker and quicker!! While he was banging me he put his hand around and felt that my cock was hard again and started to wank me, he was really breathing heavily now, and then i heard him grunt and with a huge push into me i felt him spunk in me for ages, a few seconds later i shot my load over the arm of the sofa.

We didn\'t say much as we got dressed, we both sat at the table with our stout and did the small talk. All the time i cold feel his cum seeping out of my arse, so i got up to go, he said to call most fridays, and i did!!