Written by wadski

29 Dec 2010

Readers will know from earlier entries that in my twenties I was very fond of mature women. After my first taste with a fifty year old cleaning lady I went on the rampage, screwing dozens of luscious mature women. Some were obviously horny and up for it with a young man, others surprised me, like the classy, prim-looking blond fifty-five year old who opened her legs within minutes of entering my flat and let me enjoy her to the full. Or the married woman with the wild red hair and massive bush whose husband had me fucking her every which way for a fiftieth birthday present, while he watched and wanked and urged me on with “Go on, son, get stuck into her!”

My divorced neighbour Angela was such a classy woman. Despite never going near a gym and having had three kids she always looked good: blond hair pinned up nicely, well made-up, nice shoes that showed off her shapely legs. So for a woman who was well over fifty she looked great. Over the period of a year we developed a flirty, chatty relationship, loaded with sexy innuendo. I snogged her once after drinks and let her know exactly what I was after. She laughed, then told me frankly, “Listen, I’m flattered, but I could never go with a man the same age as my son.” She had a couple of male lovers the same age as herself. I’d see them leading her out of a cab late at night, jealous of what they’d be getting up to.

One day I jokingly asked her what she was giving me for my birthday. She jokingly replied, “I might give you a blowjob if you’re lucky.” I told her I’d rather lick her out. She asked what would be in it for me. I decided to really push the filthy talk to its limit, “I get to enjoy the taste of you while I’m wanking all over you.” That shut her up and she quickly changed the subject.

On the night of my birthday we went to a nice wine bar. Angela looked the business in a black skirt and white close-fitting top that showed off her smallish but firm-looking tits, light grey stockings and nice shoes. I wasn’t the only man looking at her. We laughed and joked all evening, then I walked her home. I snogged her outside the door, pressing my obvious hardon against her, then she pulled back, “I told you you’re too young for me.”

“And I told you I’d be happy just to lick you out.”

“You’re still too young.”

“Just close your eyes and pretend I’m one of your older men friends. Come on, it’s my birthday.”

She laughed, “And then you’ll leave me in peace?”

“I promise.”

She led me into her flat and I kept my eyes on her bum all the way to the sitting room. This time she was more relaxed when I sat beside her on the sofa and snogged her. After tracing the outline of her breasts through her top I placed a hand on her knee and gently stroked underneath her skirt. My heart leapt when my hand came into contact with her stocking tops and the smooth, naked flesh of her thigh. She parted her legs slightly as I moved higher until my knuckle nudged the bulge of her crotch, nicely covered in lacy material. She sighed as I stroked the bulge with the tip of my finger, our tongues lashing passionately. When my fingers felt the silky strands of hair poking out of the edge of her knickers I decided it was time to see that part of her I had only ever dreamed about.

I left off snogging her, got up and dropped to my knees. As I placed my hands on her thighs she smiled and tipped back her head. I reached up under her skirt and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her knickers. I drew them down slowly, pleased to see a patch of moisture at the crotch.

“Let me see it,” I whispered.

At this, she slid down on the sofa slightly and slowly spread her legs wide. Now, it was my turn to sigh with pleasure. It was more like a young woman’s fanny in appearance: taut, slightly puffy lips surrounding a pink hood. The entire split was covered in a mesh of silky blond hair. Even from three feet away I could smell her. I have always loved the smell of fair-skinned women. Angela gave off a truly head-spinning, cock-stiffening aroma that made me drunk with lust. I dragged my tongue the length of her split, making her gasp, then I leaned forward and parted the lips.

Her fanny opened up to reveal a perfect, glistening, pink butterfly. Lower down her luscious hole oozed milky fluid. I drew it up with my tongue, traced the little folds then covered the entire area with my lips.

I’d have happily stayed there for hours. For me, there is no greater pleasure in this life than sniffing and tasting the hot, wet fanny of a woman you’ve been lusting after for ages. Soon I was fully focussed on her clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. When it suddenly stiffened she let out a gasp and whispered, “Ah yes.”

I quickened my pace, grasping behind her knees so as to raise her legs. By this time her bush was moist with my saliva. I kept on devouring her, longing to feel her luscious thighs quivering with pleasure. The orgasm started deep within her. Her breath started coming faster, her thighs twitched and finally they trembled.

“Lick it…” she whispered, drawing back her legs.

Keeping her fanny pinned open I flicked the tip of my tongue flicking rapidly at her clitoris. I looked over her bush and belly at her face. Her lips were parted and her eyes rolled with pleasure.

“That’s lovely… Ahhhhhhhh.”

She moaned, bucked her hips, then pulled back as her pleasure passed and her clitoris became sensitive. I rose up. She opened her eyes and looked at me kneeling there, her juice all over my face. She smiled.

“Happy now?”

“I’d be happier if you’d let me fuck the arse off you,” I joked.

“I bet you would. Come here. Let me suck you off, honey.”

I stood up, I undid my belt and pulled down my zip. My cock sprung out, stiff, throbbing and twitching. Angela sat up and took the shaft in her hand, skinning it back to reveal the bell-end. With her other hand she weighed my balls.

“You’ve got a lovely cock, I’ll say that much,” she said. She swirled her tongue around it then popped the bell-end between her lips. For a while I just watched her blond head going back and forth, enjoying what I expected to be an expert blowjob. Suddenly she stopped and laid back on the sofa.

“To hell with it. Just this once.”

“Are you sure?”

“Get it in before I change my mind.”

Delighted with her change of heart I rubbed my bell-end between the soft lips of her fanny and pushed. It slid into her nice and slowly, till my balls came into contact with her arse. I kept it there for a few moments, my bell-end nestling nicely in the warm depths of her. I looked her right in the eyes when I spoke next.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long, Angela.”

She looked at me then and bared her teeth slightly. “Come on then, darling, do it. Fuck the arse off me.”

It was certainly time for me to take my pleasure, so take it I did. For a while I gripped her shoulders and drove in and out of her with regular strokes, then I lifted up her legs and cupped her buttocks, my middle finger squirming between them.

“Do you like a finger up your arse, Angela?” I whispered.

“What woman doesn’t?” she said.

We kept on fucking, my finger up to the knuckle in her arsehole. Soon I couldn’t hold back any longer. I rammed with all my strength and held her there as I creamed.

“God, I can feel it twitching in me. Go on, give me all your spunk!”

And so all good things come to an end. I passed her a tissue and watched as she dabbed at her fanny.

“It looks like you needed that.”

“Plenty more where that came from,” I said, waving my limp cock at her.

I left Angela’s place at three in the morning. In that time we fucked three times, pausing only to lick and suck each other. The third fuck lasted the longest and I thought I would never come, but she thoroughly enjoyed the relentless shafting.

I went home tired but happy, the smell of Angela’s fanny on my fingers and the taste of it in my mouth.

The following morning she called me. As soon as I heard her voice I felt something was wrong. She’d had a change of heart and never wanted a repeat of the incident. I told her not to be silly, that if she had enjoyed it there was no real reason to stop. I quickly got dressed and went next door to chat further. She was wearing just a dressing gown. Within ten minutes I had her over the sink, fucking her with a ferocity that surprised me, making her gasp and moan. I think it was then that we both realised we were really into fucking each other.

And that’s really how I became fuck buddies with my glamorous, mature neighbour. It lasted until she went to live in Australia with her sister a year later. In that time we both had other experiences, which we shared with each other. Having overcome her misgivings about having sex with young men she really went for it and fulfilled a number of fantasies. She sucked off a handsome young window cleaner in her kitchen. She flashed her fanny at a young man in a bar and persuaded him to do her up an alleyway. She even succumbed to a threesome with me and my mature-loving friend, Denis. Such a long night of hard fucking that turned out to be.

To this day I get rock hard thinking about her.