30 Jan 2016

My husband and I were out last Saturday at a friends party and I really didn't want to go, but was happy that I did. I'm 5'10", blond, 34c boobs and have a slim athletic body. I love my husband to bits, but we don't do it anymore. The party was to be a bit formal, so I put on a classic above the knee black skirt, black hold ups, black stilettos and a black blouse - nothing else. There were quite a number of people at the party when we arrived and even more after the first hour or so, during which time I knocked back several vodka and diet cokes. There was a real mix of ages and I got chatting to an older guy, probably in his late 60's who was keen to get me drunk going by the number of drinks he kept getting for me. He certainly succeeded in doing that. He asked if I'd seen round the house, which I hadn't and offered to give me a guided tour.

We went upstairs and had a look in all the bedrooms. The third we we looked had a young couple having sex on the huge bed. He asked if I liked what I saw. In my now drunken stupor I said it great if you can get it. He took that as an invitation. We went into the next bedroom which was empty. He locked the door behind us. He took me in his arms and kissed me. I responded. His hand went onto my bottom, which he massaged and then pulled the zip down on my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. His hands went back into my bar bottom now and I could feel him getting bigger at his finding me not wearing any knickers. He spun me round and unbuttoned my blouse, groping my boobs before letting fall to the flor to join my skirt. One hand continued to tweak my nipples whilst the other bored down to my shaven pussy. I opened my legs for him to get better access to my love hole. After a very short time I was soaking wet and I could feel by this time he have a huge hard on. I moved my hand between us and pulled down his zip and boxer freeing his manhood. It didn't take long for him to bend me over the bed and push his cock deep inside me. He had me cuming immediately and his staying power was great as I came 3 more times before he injected me with his love juices. We both collapsed onto the bed. After a minute or so when he'd slipped out of me, he got off the bed and said he was going to the loo. I heard a couple of voices and the bedroom door closed once more. I then two hands going around my ankles, pulling my legs gently apart. Obviously now in the desired position I felt a cock probing a he entrance to my hole, seconds later he was in and pumping away slowly into me. I then felt my head being raised and a body moving into position under it. To my surprise it was a juicy pussy that was being thrust against my mouth. I started to lick it and with the action going on behind me I was cuming like a express train. When it was all over and I had recovered from this double bout, I could see who been fucking me. It was the young couple from the other room. We all got dressed and joined the rest of the guests downstairs. I don't know if I'm now classed as being a true bisexual, because I don't know if I am, but I would like to try it again.