Written by JackT

13 Jun 2019

Carried on from The Perfect Wedding posted 11th June.

Anne came back to the room armed with two more large G&Ts. What a great girl. I’d used a shoe to wedge the hotel room door ajar so she could quickly get in and not be seen in the corridor. We clinked glasses and kissed again. Without a word she undressed and sat on the bed totally naked. I was in the robe she had on earlier. Before long we were engaged in foreplay. ‘what’s happening downstairs?’ I asked. ‘tingling’ she said. ‘it needs your lovely cock’. ‘no silly, I meant at the party!’ ‘oh!’ she gasped, laughing loudly. ‘not much. Hubby still asleep where we left him. Probably best that way, at least he’s not drinking. I’ll get us a taxi home soon enough. It’ll cost a fortune but he can pay – like he did for this room.’

‘so it was you guys who'd cancelled?’ I asked. ‘yep. We had a big row about today so I said I wouldn’t stay over.’ ‘what was the row about?’ ‘it doesn’t matter now. I’ll tell you another time’. there was to be another time, another day, I thought to myself, pleased about the prospect. ‘I should pay you for the room’ I said. ‘yep, I’m here for payment right now. So get that robe off!’ we got under the covers and I gave Anne payment in kind. Having already cum earlier, I was able to last a bit longer and we both had fun. At one point we 69’d. she commented that she could taste herself on my cock. ‘not half as much as I can taste myself on your pussy!’ I told her. ‘oh yes, sorry about that.’ ‘don’t apologies, I love it. you taste great.’ We finished off with me pounding her from behind over the side of the bed, her muffled cries into the mattress. When I was ready to cum I took her over to the dressing table and we looked at each other in the mirror as I fucked her from behind. ‘we look great’ she said as I blasted my spunk into her. my legs wobbled and I sat on the end of the bed. She sat astride me, covering me with kisses as my spunk started running out of her onto my thighs, her small but perfect breasts pressed into my chest.

I looked at my watch. 9.30pm. I checked my texts. Nothing from my wife. Bit of a worry. She might be on her way back. I texted her to find out. ‘still here’ came the reply. I sighed with relief and told Anne. ‘I need to go soon though’ she said ‘but I could stay here forever’. ‘well you are paying for it, so why not?’ I quipped. ‘I need to shower before I go’ she said ‘why?’ I asked. ‘cos I can’t go home smelling of you’ she said. ‘why not?’ I asked. ‘sounds like your husband won’t notice in his state.’ She got up, pulled her knickers back on. ‘fuck him’ she said. ‘I’m taking your cum home with me’. She kissed my cock as I stood naked in front of her. ‘you’d better shower though, or your wife will suss you out’. I headed to the bathroom. She got up and kissed me deeply. ‘thanks for a lovely wedding’ she said. I’ll text you. I went for a shower and when I came out, she was gone. The bed and the room was perfect. You wouldn’t know we’d been in there.

I changed into casual clothes and wandered back down to the bar to see what was going on. It was still fairly busy, but at least half of the guests had gone. There was no sign of Anne or her husband. I got myself another drink and chatted to a couple of guests. One of them was one of the older bridesmaids. Her name was Julia. We talked about this and that. Usual stuff, how do I know the happy couple, etc. where had my wife gone and so on. I asked about her. a cousin of the groom, she was basically there to be in charge of the younger bridesmaids. Julia was pushing 40 I guessed. I noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring. I asked it she was with anyone here. ‘divorced’ she said. ‘although I am seeing someone now’. ‘is he not here?’ I asked. ‘overseas’ she said ‘Navy’. ‘oh’ I said sympathetically. Not my thing, ships’ I admitted. ‘me neither’ she said.

I studied Julia. She was not unattractive with her hair tied up. the figure-hugging bridesmaid dress suited her. in fact, during the ceremony I had noticed her pert arse as she stood inline behind the bride. I told her that it was a bit of a ‘pippa middleton moment’. She thought that was funny. ‘are you staying here?’ I asked. ‘yep. I’m looking after my step sister’. ‘where is she now?’ I asked. ‘in our room on the 7th floor with some of the others watching a movie. I’ll get them back down here soon for when the bride and groom go.’ I wondered why she’d specifically mentioned the 7th floor. Had she spotted me and Anne? Worse still, were they in the room next door and overheard us? I thought I’d investigate. ‘is being on the 7th floor of some significance?’ I asked. ‘oh, just that that’s where all the wedding guests are’. ‘oh’ I said (minor panic over).

Then my phone rang. It was my wife. She wasn’t coming back tonight. I said I’d come home. ‘stay there’ she said. ‘but don’t get pissed. I’ll be there first thing to use the spa and have breakfast with you.’ I must admit that despite my encounter with Anne, I was disappointed that my wife wasn’t returning. ‘you can keep me company then’ said Julia. ‘the two stray cats sticking together’. ‘don’t go away, I’ll go and get the young ones, I think the happy couple are heading off soon.’

The bridesmaids all congregated by the door and the guests formed an arch. I positioned myself opposite Julia and we clasped hands in the air as an arch for the bride and groom to go under and out of the door with a flourish. I realised that Julia was still holding my hand as they left. She smiled at me and I gave her a little hug. ‘what now?’ I asked. ‘the others are going clubbing but I need to get my sister settled in our room.’ ‘how old is she?’ ‘thirteen, so she’ll be fine but I just need to sort her out and remain in the hotel’. To be honest, I’d had enough to drink and I was exhausted after my double session with Anne. ‘I’ll keep you company if you like’ I said ‘but it won’t be very exciting I’m afraid, I’m a bit done in.’ ‘that’ll be nice’ she said ‘I could murder a cup of tea. Do you mind if we use your room? All above board though. No hanky panky.’ I gave her my room number and went back to my room, wedged the door open with a shoe once more and some 20 minutes later came a gentle tap at the door and Julia slipped in. I was lying on the bed, pretending to read. ‘get that kettle on’ she instructed.

I made some tea and we chatted, sitting on the bed. It was friendly and flirty but nothing like the encounter with Anne earlier. At one point Julia went back to her room to check on her sister. ‘sound asleep’ she said on her return. I looked at my watch. 11.30pm. I was half sitting up on the bed. Julia came over and snuggled into me, still in her bridesmaid dress. ‘remember, no hanky panky’ she said. ‘ok’ I said, ‘but weddings make me horny, what if I get a lob on?’ I enquired jokingly. ‘just think of something else’ she said as she closed her eyes. I pulled the covers half over us. We were still dressed.

Next thing I knew there was a knock at the door. ‘shit!’ it was already light. I looked at my watch. 8am. I ran into the bathroom. No sign of Julia. I looked around the room – it looked normal enough. Even the cups had been tidied away. I opened the door to see my wife standing there. ‘swimming trunks’ she said, holding up a bag. ‘you’re dressed already’ she said. ‘oh’ I replied meekly. ‘you slept like that didn’t you?’ ‘yep. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone.’ I told her.

‘are you hung over?’ ‘no’ ‘come on then. spa time.’ I gathered some things and headed out. As I was getting changed after using the spa, I checked my phone case which has a wallet built in. tucked away there was a slip of paper. ‘thanks for the tea and thanks for being a gent. Don't be a stranger. Julia x’ (with her number). If only she knew…

I love a good wedding!

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