Written by AMJ

13 Jul 2015

Hi. My Names is Alan I'm 42 and my wife Carol is 48 and we are photographers. We specialise in ' sensual ' photography and have had several books published of our works. usually our clients are woman who want to be photographed topless or sometime naked but not revealing too much. For example, this morning we finished a shoot of a young woman who wanted a gift for her boyfriend and we shot her behind lace curtains and some with a light behind her so you could just make out her silhouette.

Although the temptation to take things further is always there and both my wife and I have had numerous requests from woman for me to have a feel or more, my wife has had requests from men and women, last month she was actualy asked if she would have a threesome which I can understand becouse she is a stunning red head with an amazing figure, we have always considered ourselves to be too professional to take anyone up on the request which is what makes this all the more unusual.

Lets call our subject Amanda. Amanda is a slim,50 ish with extremely large breasts, she's very attractive and has a great figure.

Amanda has visited us several times with a view to having some sensual photographs taken as a present for her husband. She doesn't hide the fact that her and her husband are swingers and loved to tease me about what they get up to. carol and I have often discussed how far we would go to make the client happy and have I have even allowed Carol to agree to a clients request for her to suck her nipples ( whilst hiding her face behind a mask ). This was all done very tastefully I might add.

Amanda finally agreed on what form the photographs would take. The day arrived and after the paperwork was signed and Amanda disappeared to get undressed re emerging in one of our gowns. In no time at all she was undressed and I was clicking away. Her amazing hour glass figure, long auburn hair and large, still quite firm breasts with large dark red nipples gave me a major erection which was quite uncomfortable.

After a few hours Amanda took me to one side and make an unusual request. She wanted photographs for her husband with my cock inside her. I had to clarify what she meant but she actually wanted me to have a plain mask hiding the top half of my face and to enter her whilst being photographed, and for this she would pay an extra £500.

I spoke to Carol who at first was hesitant but agreed as long as she was there. Amanda insisted that there was no condom and if I came inside her that was ok. carol insisted I was not allowed to cum inside Amanda but other than that it was ok.

As we got ready Carol decided she wasn't going to stay so we set the camera up to take shots every 5 seconds or so.

Amanda lay on her back on a chaise longue, her pussy was smooth, her tits laying slightly to the side but firmer than I had expected.

I undressed, pressed the remote shutter and slid my seriously hard cock into her. Her pussy was tighter than I had expected but it was wet and slipped in easily. I didn't dare move but instead, at Amanda's request' let the camera take us with my cock at different points of entry.

Amanda had looks of ecstasy on her face, looking at me and then the camera. Carol came back into the room and sat and watched and Amanda directed me to play with her breasts, then to suck them. Not cuming wasn't a problem as I was worried that Carol was watching.

I looked over at her and Carol's blouse was open. She was playing with her much smaller breasts, rubbing her tiny button nipples. This was getting a bit much for me to handle, Amanda urged me to fuck her properly, I looked over at carol who was licking her lips watching. I looked for reassurance and got it when she told me to just 'fuck her'.

The camera was slowly clicking capturing it all. Carol came closer and sat just out of camera shot, but now topless her eyes rolling as her squeezed her breasts. I started to fuck Amanda slightly harder, by now she was grunting and whispering obscenities telling me to fuck harder. She was bucking so much my cock slid out once or twice but found her wet pussy easily enough and I placed her legs on my shoulders and fucked her even harder.

In the end I had no choice and gave her a good fucking, her huge tits swaying each time I slammed my cock into her. We had all forgotten about the camera. I looked over at Carol and she was now naked and well in camera shot, her fingers inside her with one hand and massaging her breasts with the other.

Amanda grabbed carols head and fed her enormous nipple into my wife's mouth which Carol gorged at. That was all too much for me and I filled Amanda pussy with cum. Amanda came at the same time, screaming and bucking.

I lay back on the floor expecting that to be that but as soon as I had moved Carol and Amanda were exploring each others mouths and grinding against each others pussies and the camera was still clicking.

I sat and watched my usually reserved wife having her first lesbian experience and listed as she reached her orgasm as Amanda sucked Carol's much smaller breasts whilst her hand disappeared into my wife's pussy, and they kept going. In the end the two of them had tasted each other and my wife's face disappearing into Amanda enormous breasts.

I was tossing myself off just watching and had intended to slip into my wife to find a home for my cum but in the end I didn't reach them and ended up spraying the two of them, covering their faces and tits.

When we had finished we where exhausted and soaking wet with cum and sweat. We must have laid there for over 15 minutes before we realised the camera had stopped clicking. When I checked we had taken over 600 shots ending as my wife was cuming on on top of Amanda.

Amanda has visited us once since to enjoy both my wife and I. Her husband loved the album but has asked Amanda to check with me if he can fuck carol.

I'm not sure if I'm ok with another man inside my wife ( which pisses Carol off) so the juries out on that one.