Written by rsecret

22 Mar 2014

I had always enjoyed the female form and years of porno mags etc had given mE many ours of thrills. The advent of Boudoir photographers gave mE the idea that my wife jane should have a photo shoot. Aranged as a christmas gift the day of the shoot was very exciting and i could not wait for a pic by pic account of the days event. When the pics arrived they were stunning and i felt both very lucky and so turned on. The lucky photographer i thought... oh how i wish i could have been there. This gave me the idea of getting someone to take pics while i watched. Being a member of the site for some time i had noticed the various men advertised there services so i set about arranging a shoot and convincing Jane.

Long story short the day came when a hotel room was booked and a guy lined up.

Dave was a pro and set up various flashes around the room as Jane readied herself in the mirror. She looked stunning in a Basque, panties, suspenders and black hold ups. Nervous at first the bubbly helped as we both encouraged her along. I love it when she has her hair up in a bun and teases on the bed. From behind the camera man, i was so excited, my trousers had a large lump in which she of course noticed and gave her more confidence. She wanted me to join her on the bed so i went across and gave her a long pasionate kiss. Our hearts were jumping out of our chests as i let her long blonde hair down and ran my fingers through it. Daves camera kept clicking away as we petted on the big bed.

We relaxed and laughed having fun, then dave did the most unusual thing. He said it was not fair that i should have so many clothes on and came over and undid my belt and took my trousers off. We all laughed then carried on, Dave clicking away as i ran my hands over my gorgous wife. I gently eased the bra straps down to a flurry of clicks but jane put her fingers over her nipples and started to play with them. Dave and i were so turned on and i could not resist runing my hands up her stockings and over her warm,soft, creamy inner thighs. The clicks went into overdrive as i gently teased the moist material of her panties and slipped a finger tip inside the waste elastic. Moving my attention to her breasts i moved her hand away and gently sucked on her erect nipple before kissing her passionatly. Dave moved very close to the end of the bed and the clicking went wild once more. I broke off the kiss and looked around to see jane had pulled her panties aside and was teasing her smooth shaven lips only inches away from Daves camera. It was such a turn on to see her openly displaying her sex and enjoying herself so openly.

The rest will be continued another time