1 Dec 2016

Like so many young lads in the sixties I found sex very challenging, and even when I eventually hooked up with a girl of my own age there were still hurdles to be overcome. Sally was quite a plain looking girl, but with nice tits and shapely legs which she like to show off in the mini-skirts which dominated fashion in the late sixties. She often wore dark tan knee high fashion boots over light tan tights. Although she was happy to let me fuck her when I could, the problem was finding somewhere to do it. Her Mum and Dad, like my own, were rather prudish in their ways, and wouldn’t allow us to be alone together in the house. We could only dream about owning a car, and my Dad was still angry with me for reversing his much loved Morris Oxford into a lamp post on the promenade at Ayr. It was a fine big car, with lots of room in the back, and I’d just given Sally a good fucking on the back seat after she’d sucked my cock up to full hardness. In my rush to get her home on time, I hadn’t checked the mirror properly, and as a result I was now banned from driving Dad’s car.

Sally and I were therefore reduced to snatching the odd moment of passion outdoors when we could, or sometimes in the back row of the cinema. Neither were satisfactory options, especially for Sally. Although I could easily bend her over the back of a park bench for a quick fuck at night, getting Sally to an orgasm was a different matter. This took time, and usually involved slipping her boots, pants and tights right off before I positioned my face between her legs, and lapped away at her clit for fifteen minutes or so. She would eventually come quite loudly and she always squirted on my face when doing so. There simply wasn’t the time for me to see to her properly, and the threat of being spotted or interrupted often prevented her from coming. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make her come by fingering her clit with my hand down her pants. Sally usually saw to herself when she got home by frigging her clit as she lay in bed and trying to come without making any noise. Our relationship was completely unsatisfactory and looked certain to end before too long. We both needed a randy partner with access to a bed and had our circumstances not changed, then I for one would certainly have found one.

Since leaving school I’d worked for a handyman / gardener who was a friend of the family with a growing list of customers. I enjoyed the outdoor work, and my boss Angus generally left me to get on with things while he organised my rota and looked out for new customers. It was through working for Angus that I had met Sally. Her parents lived in a more exclusive part of the town close to the Old Racecourse and Sally had attended a nearby private school for girls. The houses were relatively large, with extensive grounds, and some of the houses had been converted into two or three flats. Her parents lived in one of these flats and together the owners had engaged Angus to keep the place looking tidy. I was left to carry out the work which was mainly mowing the large area of grass and raking up the fallen leaves in the Autumn. I’d met Sally when I’d been mowing the lawn on a hot summers day and she’d been tanning herself in a skimpy bikini. Things had progressed quickly from there, and two nights later I was sucking her nipples at the cinema. Later the same week, in a different cinema, I had her jeans and pants around her ankles as I stroked her hairy fanny. She’d given me a very capable hand job, and had squealed out when my spunk jetted up onto her neck and tits. I finally got to ride her the following week when she sneaked me up to her bedroom while her parents were out attending the funeral of a friend from the local bowling club. I’d come quite quickly into one of the three condoms I’d embarrassingly purchased at a barbers shop earlier in the week, in anticipation of losing my virginity. The second time I’d lasted much longer and had given Sally a good ride, so good that after five minutes or so she’d bucked her hips up off the bed as she came strongly. I followed soon after, and we collapsed in a heap of post coital bliss in her bed. I never got the chance to have her again but before we dressed, I was ordered onto my back and she squatted over me before sitting down on my face and demanding I lick her fanny. She held her arse cheeks apart to open her labia to me and then ground herself onto my face. She demanded I lick her clit which I proceeded to do so, and after what seemed like an age she finally tensed up and gave out a loud groan before spraying my face for the first time as she came. My cock was as stiff as a poker by now, but she insisted I dress quickly as she was worried about her parents returning and catching us at it. I returned to my garden duties but soon took a wheel barrow to the far end of the garden where it was slightly more secluded. Although it was risky, I picked my way into the centre of a large rhododendron bush and then dropped my jeans and pants before enjoying a quick wank as I relived the experiences of the past two hours. Her parents returned soon after, and I watched Sally meet them at the door as I got ready to leave. Her mother looked quite fetching in black, but they never even acknowledged my presence as they entered the house. Sally followed them in, but turned to me before closing the door and gestured with her fist moving up and down and mouthing the word “wanker” to me. I don’t know if she’d seen me or was simply speculating, but I’d finally got to ride her and was looking forward to it again as soon as possible. I skipped off home to intending to ask my Dad if I could borrow the car on Friday night. I had plans for Sally on the back seat which of course would turn out to be our last fuck in relative comfort for some months to come.