Written by bomber

26 May 2010

Every now and then I help my brother out by picking up my nephews from school. The first time I went I instantly wanted a closer look of stevens primary 3 teacher. From the car she looked like a real stunner, but its always hard to tell from a distance. The next time I picked the boys up I got out the car and collected them from the gates. I got a much better look this time. She was about 5'3, very petite, tanned skin, nice tits, just over a handful, and long hair tied back.

It took me a few weeks to get talking to her, but we seemed to hit it off. I plucked up the courage to ask her out for a drink, which she refused. I was gutted. I tried again a few weeks later and again she refused, sayin that although she was single she didn't want to get involved with anyone right now.

It came to the christmas panto which I went along to with my brother. I got speaking to the teacher again, and as we were leaving she invited me out for a drink. I was shocked, and accepted before she changed her mind. We went out that friday night, she wore a beautiful slim dress with what I thought were tights but turned out to be stockings and sus. We went for a meal then onto a comedy club, then some drinks. I wasn't going to push it too much as it took so long to get her out, a kiss was all I was after!

At about 11.30 we got in a taxi, as we dropped her off she invited me in for a 'coffee.' I replyed by saying 'only if your sure' which she said 'I definately am'

I was so excited. I'm gonna get to fuck the school teacher. We walked into the lounge where she puched me to the couch, unzipped my jeans and pulled my semi hard cock out. She stroked it several times then started sucking on it hard. Within seconds my cock was harder than its ever been before! It was so hard I could feel it throbing, and so could she. The teacher sucked it like it was the last cock on the planet. She pulled my jeans off and then walked away without saying a word, straight through to her bedroom. I followed her up. When I got to her room she was on the bed rubbing her pussy through her thong. I could tell they were stockings now. I wanted her so bad. As I walked through the door, the door closed behind me. As I turned round there was a man there, who turned out to be her boyfriend, naked with a raging erection. 'Come on pal, show her a good time' he said to me.

I was a bit scared to be honest. Not really wot I had in mind. I felt my cock go a bit softer. The teacher sat up and started sucking mme again which brought me back to full power, but I was still unsure. Her boyfriend told me to fuck her as hard as I could and to cum all ver her pussy. I stared by pulling her dress off then by licking her pussy through her thong, then pulled it to 1 side and tongue fucked her, while rubbing her clit. She started to shudder. She tasted so sweet, her juices covered my face. I slid up and rubbed my cock over her pussy, pulling my cock up and slapping it off her pussy lips. My cock slipped in with ease, I wasn't sure she knew I was in she was that slippery! As I banged away I picked her up and placed her on her dressing table. Opened her thighs wide apart, supporting her legs under her knees. I banged as hard as I could, her head bouncing off the wall. I could hear her man wanking behind me.

I was gonna blow. The vibration of my balls slapping her ass with every thrust was making the experience all the better. I pulled out and wanked my cum all over her soaking pussy. The cum just dripped straight off her she was so wet. No sooner had I finished when her man ran over, cock in had and sprayed his cum over her face. She wiped it off with her hand and swallowed it.

She quickly started to suck my cock again, making me hard again in minutes, my cock feeling a little raw, but that wasn't gonna stop me. I wanted to fuck her doggy now. A made her arch her back and spread her legs apart as far as possible, then entered from behind. She was so sexy. Her stocking and her ass were beautiful to see, I almost came again just looking at them. It wasn't long till I was about to cum again. I pulled out and teased her bumhole with my cock to see if she objected, which she didn't. I eased it in without any lube. Her bumhole seemed to implode with every slow thrust. I started with just the head of my cock, slowly adding more of the shaft with every thrust. She moaned louder and louder until I was fully in, I was gonna blow, I picked up spead, forgetting for a minute I was up her ass, her moans turned to screams, her man shouting 'that's it fuck her harder, harder!!' I did. I gave her everything I had. I exploded up her ass with what I thought was loads of cum, but was really only a few dribbles. Her man then continued. We continued to swap all night, never taking her at the same time.

I have seen her at the school since and she just talks away like nothing happened, but 1 thing she made clear, I wouldn't get her to myself!!