Written by Graham

23 Jun 2017

I have known Jean for a couple of years since I started working with her now ex-husband. Apart from polite conversation there had never been any indication that in this quiet mouse of a woman was roaring lion.

I was at a party two weeks ago and had been chatting to a few single women when Jean came up to me and said she had a problem with her car could I help. I went out to the car park with her and she took me to her car. It was an old, but well restored, Sunbeam Alpine sports car from the 60's. After several attempts I decided it was not going to start. She broke into tears asking how she was to get home. I offered to take her at the end of the party, offered her my hanky to dry up the tears and we went inside again. We danced together for the rest of the evening but it was very chaste, no grinding or anything. At the end we went out to my car and I drove her to her house.

It was quite a large house. She said she had done well from her divorce and would I like to come in and see it, she also offered a coffee. The kettle was put on and I was taken for a tour of the five bedroomed Victorian house. We ended up in the master bedroom.

She turned to me reached up and kissed me full on the lips. It was a long gentle kiss with just a hint of tongue. She broke off and said that was to say thankyou for being so nice. I smiled and, pushing my luck maybe, asked if I could have another one.

She smiled took my hand and pulled me to the bed. She flung herself onto it and smiled. She said, 'Take me, I'm all yours.' I got on the bed beside her and we kissed. It seemed to last forever and during that time we had both managed to remove our clothing.

I looked at her naked form. Pale brown hair with slightly green eyes. A pretty face and a long slim neck. Her breasts were smallish and pert. Her nipples rosy and erect ready for sucking. Her stomach was flat and her mound and vagina lips were shaven. Her thighs and ankles complimented the rest of her body.

She parted her thighs slighly and I could see she was already wet just from our kissing. My cock had already stiffened and had a secretion of pre-cum on its bell end. She looked at this and slid down the bed taking it into her mouth. She straddled me in the 69 position and offered me her vagina to lick. I didn't need asking twice and as she began to give my cock a thorough sucking I licked her juices and tongued her stiff little clitoris. We both came simultaneously, her juices filling my mouth and my cum spraying her hair, face and breasts.

She suggested we bathed in her jacusi bath and went to open a bottle of wine. Bathing was fun and noisy. I discover a roaring lion not a quiet mouse as I brought her of to several climaxes between glasses of white wine.

We dried off and returned to the bed.

She lay down with legs splayed and smiled. I got the message and settled between them. My cock slipped in between her labia and slid against her clitoris. She began to groan louder and louder as I rubbed my cook up and down her now very wet slit.

I decided she was ready for me and without warning thrust myself deep into her warm wetness. She screamed at my penetration and began to thrust against me crying out with each thrust. I moved with her and could tell niether of us was going to last long. With a final roar she thrust hard against me causing me to deposit my load deep inside her.

We collapsed side by side and searched for our breath. After several minutes we had regained our composure. I began to stroke her breasts and she took my cock in hand murmuring quietly to herself. We spent the night making love.

I took her to her car and arranged for a local garage to collect it and repair it.

I have now given up my rented flat and am now living with Jean and the sex is still loud and fantastic.