Written by Spike

17 Nov 2009

My partner has come around to my way of thinking. Julie now loves me encouraging her to fuck other men as I make love to her. Her petite body tightens and then she bends over doggy exposing her open pussy, wiggles her bum, and invites my cock to her mouth as she pretends to get fucked hard from behind by the aquaintance we meet in the hotel bar.

Her confidence for fucking other men has grown in our sex and foreplay. Sucking hard on her 9" dildo as she straddles my cock and rides me to a hard squirting orgasm inside her.

Lately some night-time driving to known dogging sites a few miles from our home, allowed Julie the safety of stripping naked in the front passenger seat. She would play with her stiffen and long nipples, which ache to be sucked. Her small breasts compliment her tight tummy, and her shaven pussy opens allowing me to lick and suck gently on her clitoris. She cums quickly, and then seeks my cock to fill her.

It has been quiet, and despite their being no spectators the thought of being watched drives her wild, and her pussy juices flow and wet the leather seats.

We tried the same thing a few times, but it was not until we parked up in the Braes did we get lucky. Julie had stripped off, and was moving into the back seats slowly. Bending to offer my mouth her exposed pussy I thrust my tongue in deeply and fucked her hole, swallowing the juice I gathered. Dropping my jeans into the car well, I got out of the car to see 2 guys peering inside the back windows, looking at Julies naked body which was nicely lit by the interior lamps. My erection was in full view as I moved to the back door, opening it, and I invited the guys, who appeared to be in their early 20s, to watch me fuck my girl.

I whispered to Julie that we had visitors, she tensed then kiss me deeply and pulled me close. When I broke away I told her to get on her knees doggy, and expose her bum outside the car. I was going to fuck her, but I was going to let the guys touch her firm round arse cheeks as I did so.

Julie's round bum and slim waist were a perfect height for me to enter her and pull her hard onto my 7" dick. She was wet, and dirty sloppy squelchy noises were made as I fucked her. I asked her if she wanted the guys to wank over her, a deep Yes was her response.

I pulled out, my cock shiny from the lights which lit the night sky, and her fanny juices. She turned to look out of the car and saw both fresh cocks already hard, and they were pretty long and thick. Easily 22 more than me, and even meatier. The guys started to toss off, spanking her bum with their penises. MMmmm! responded Julie, and she moved her arse back and forward in a fucking motion. One guy positioned himself right behind her and at the right moment entered her vagina. Julie came on contact, and all fantasy was now out of the window.

He fucked her hard for 5 minutes before he shot his big load over her arse. Julie rubbed the juices into her flesh, before exiting the car. She stood face to face with the guy and kissed him before sucking on his big dick, swallowing any cum that remained.

Julie then kissed me on the mouth. I could taste his sperm, and told me to fuck her and fill her with my cum. She lay back on the wing of the car and I entered her. She was looser than I had felt before, but I was too excited not to cum. Within 20 or so strokes I was flooding her hole with my sperm, as I came she wanted more. The other guy moved cautiously towards her, Julie leaned forward and grabbed hold of his big dick, she wanked him then moving back down onto her knees she gave him the blowjob of his life. As she felt him cum she pulled away alowing him to spray her tits and belly, which she also rubbed into her skin.

I took control after this and stood her up, pushed her gently face down onto the bonnet and spanked her bare arse a few times until her cheeks reddened. I ordered the naughty girl to get in the car, and we drove off.

Julie doesn't want to repeat this too often, but now that the ice has been broken she has suggested a wee foursome, where maybe I can taste another pussy whilst she gets fucked. So as much as our advert has been for single guys, couples are now on the menu.

I am a very lucky man to have such a beautiful woman to love.