Written by Nobody

6 Jan 2008

Most of the time I am a happily married man, married to Deborah, a buxom, fun woman. But when I have to wear the red bracelet, I am nobody. I have been instructed to tell you the following.

Last night was a red bracelet night. Deborah would be well fucked, and nobody would watch. I got home to find the bracelet on the hall stand. Picking it up I went straight to the garden shed to change into my incontinence pants and bow tie. Slave, a willing volunteer to My Lady, informed me I must prepare drinks for the Gentlemen arriving soon. Once I had readied the drinks slave would serve them. I was to stand in the corner of the lounge and be still. My Lady entered wearing a red evening gown with matching shoes and Diamond necklace and earing\'s. I was ignored.

The bell rang and slave left to see to the guests. Slave showed in three Gentlemen, dressed in formal wear. Slave then served drinks and finger snacks. My Lady would tell slave when I was to fetch more and slave would tell me.

Some time later one of the gentlemen said it was time. My Lady was surrounded by the gentlemen and told to kneel. My Lady was then instructed to \"Suck us all hard bitch, so we can fuck your brains out!\" Naturally My Lady did so.

Once the gentlemen were happy, My Lady was stood up and stripped down to just the red French knickers and laid upon the floor.

The shorter gentleman with the large waist then informed My Lady that she was to bend over and rest against the table. As My Lady complied the gentleman then stood behind My lady and placed the head of his penis against My Lady\'s delicacy through the leg of the knickers and said, \"Now I\'m going to fuck you like a slut you over paid whore, and I\'ll spunk in your cunt when you ask me nicely!\"

This said, My Lady allowed the gentleman to do so. I could tell My Lady was uncomfortable without lubrication but like the Lady she is, nothing was said.

The gentle pawed My Lady\'s body many times and My Lady rewarded the gentleman by orgasming for him twice and then asking for his seed. \"Please fuck your seed up me Sir, please?\" My Lady asked.

The husband inside me rejoiced at the site of My Lady receiving the seed, the gentleman stating that My Lady was \"a pricy slut with delusions of being a whore\" as he thrust very hard into My Lady to give up his seed. But as a nobody I could show no outward sign of even noticing.

My Lady was now instructed to spread herself on the carpet, this done with grace befitting of My Lady, another gentleman, a black African gentleman, bereft of clothing, lowered himself upon My Lady and had her beg for his seed and \"a good hard fucking\" which was then given. My Lady groaned many times as the gentleman took his leisure, being rewarded with two of My Lady\'s orgasms before stating that he would \"spunk up you, you sick bitch and give you a black bastard!\" The gentleman then gave My Lady his seed also.

The third gentleman wanted My Lady cleaned. Lucky lucky slave was told to clean My Lady which meant he was to lick and suck

My Lady\'s delicacy clean of juices and seed.

The gentleman then told slave to \"bring the bitch off on your tongue, make her squeal!\"

My Lady hates this, slave is not worthy and this is done for the gentlemen to enjoy. They even pawed My Lady\'s breasts as slave did as he was told.

The last gentleman then had My Lady sit astride him and impale her delicacy upon his \"fat cock, bitch\" and had My Lady do \"all the work\".

When the gentleman was ready he had My Lady positioned on hands and knees and steady her beatiful head against the sofa so that he could \"give you the hardest fuck your slutty cunt ever had\" and, thrusting very hard indeed, was rewarded with one of My Lady\'s orgasms as he gave up his seed. Both the other gentlemen copied the last gentleman to give My Lady more of their own seed. Slave was then tasked to clean My Lady once more as My Lady lay on the sofa and the gentlemen readied to leave.

The black Gentleman told slave to remove his shorts and, My Lady to sit on the sofa\'s edge. My Lady did not look happy but of course complied. Slave was then told to put \"your sick dick in the bitch\'s sloppy cunt and shoot up her. NOW!\"

Slave did as lucky lucky slave was told making My Lady screw up her beautiful face in disgust. Lucky slave was then told to clean My Lady once more before showing the gentlemen out.

As he left, the shorter gentleman spoke to me. \"Thats how to treat a fucking whore wife my friend, like an animal!\" but of course I could acknowledge nothing, for I am nobody.

Slave was then tasked to help My Lady prepare for the next gentlemen who would arrive soon, while nobody was to clean up, wash up and ready the drinks.

I envy slave.