Written by Its a secret

7 Mar 2017

Firstly, the only reason I'm writing this is becouse I'm hoping it proves that I'm not the only one who enters these ridiculous relationships. Firstly I'm not some young woman who just wants fun. I'm 45, happily married with a family.

I certainly don't lack for attention, I look after myself and my figure and on more than one occasion have had to have a stern conversion with men who have suggested I go to bed with them.

My job is basically to ensure the smooth running of a large department in a well known business. My immediate boss is an very unpleasant man, he is 38, not very good looking and extremely arrogant but he is the problem I am having.

I put the issue down to the fact that my husband, who is older than I am has lost interest in sex which I find frustrating. usually I never use course language but I hope you will understand that the only way I can convey my thoughts and experiences is by doing so in the way it is in my mind when I do what I do.

My boss and I do not get on very well. He has the opinion that he always knows best, he can be very rude and on more than one occasion I have threatened to leave if he continues to speak to me in the manor that he does.

One of the disgusting habits he has is that he absentmindedly touches himself. I have an adjoining office so can see his every move. I hadn't mentioned it before but on one occasion he was annoying me to I shouted to him that he should leave it alone. He looked at me and grinned.

Some time later, the same thing. He doesn't realise he's doing it so I don't feel insulted but I need to tell him in case someone comes in so I do. But late one evening, just before a major audit I was in my office and he was deep in thought reading a report when his hand slips into his trousers and he's touching himself. he gets annoyed that he understand part of the report so calls me out. I'm standing next to him and explaining things to him when I tell him that him touching himself is off putting.

I did notice that, although I could't actually see it, it penis did seem very large and I did, for a moment feel some tension.

As though he suddenly realised what he was doing he laughed and said it relaxed him. Thinking I was going to embarrass him I asked if he wanted me to help relaxing him, not meaning anything but expecting him to just put it away. Instead he takes his 'cock; out.

He is quite large and ginning he said yes please.

I felt a bit foolish and decided to call his bluff so I took it in my hand and started to massage it.

He was already very hard and it was difficult to put my hand round it. I have to be honest and tell you that it was quite erotic even though I think he is an obnoxiousness man. In some way I had control over him.

In minutes cum was shooting from him and I had to use tissues to clean him and my hand.

The next evening and the evening after that the same thing happened. But then there was no need for us to stay behind but we did, he asked me to 'de-stress' him so I did. I took his penis out of his trousers and played with him, but then it changed.

I had no intention of anything going further and have never done this before, not even with my husband. I knelt down and put it in my mouth.

I felt so dirty and naughty that it was exciting. I pulled away just in time for his cum to spray my glasses and face. The next evening the same.

After the weekend nothing was said. I just went home but the day after, everyone left the office and he looked at me. I just walked over, unzipped his trousers and put his cock as deep into my mouth as I could. This time he unbuttoned my blouse and massaged my breasts. This happened the next evening and each day after work for a week until the Friday.

He told me he was cumming but I decided not to move and cum filled my mouth. I knew what I was doing and intended to spit it out but instead I swallowed it.

Afterwards I just knelt there topless, cum dripping down my chin thinking how much of a slut I had become.

I was laying in bed next to my husband and realised I had instigated this and had changed so much.

Nothing happened between us for over a week, as soon as it was time for me to go home I did so without even looking at him. But one day he came into my office and stood close to me, he pressed his groin against my arm and brushed my breast with his hand.

I asked him what he thought he was doing and he scuttles off.

But that evening, after every one had gone, it was just him and myself. My mind was racing and his has on his cock, he looked at me so uncertain as to what he should do.

All I intended to do was pleasure him but instead I took his cock out of his trousers, masturbated him until he was hard then pulled off my knickers and lowered myself onto him.

I know this was going too far but I needed to do it. His cock filled me like no man had ever done before and I rode him. He pulled my blouse and bra off and squeezed me. The I turned round, I needed to feel a man suck my breasts so I offered them to him and let him slide inside me again.

Even as I rode him and he sucked and slobbered over my chest I found him disgusting but it didn't stop me cumming, having the deepest orgasm of my life and he filled me with hot cum.

Now most evenings nothing is said. Everyone leaves, he locks the door and I take off my panties, lay on my back on his desk or mine and I let him fuck me. Most days his trousers are round his ankles, his shirt is partly undone but I am naked becouse I like it like that.

He grunts and squeals and he fucks me, grabbing my chest and sucking before cumming inside me. On occasions, when its the that time of the month I just undress and suck him and let him cum on my breasts or in my mouth. Yet each time I have no feeling for him, I still loath him but he's less arrogant. He knows he wants my pussy more that I want' his cock.

So ladies, is it just me or is this not unusual. Anyone who can work out what the fuck I'm doing this for is a better person than I am.