Written by Paul

29 Nov 2014

Janet and me got talking about the past the time after we got married we had some good times which involved us trying swapping a few times we meet two couples at different times and also went to a couple of parties, with the a couple Janet didn't enjoy them that much at the time, so she said, any we had a family that is now grown up now and moved on

It pot a ship to that,this all came up, I was surprised to hear now Janet had enjoyed it a lot more than she let on at the time, more as a joke I said we are not to old to give it another go

Janet said she was, she is still only forty four and still a very good looking woman

It would be a bit later she said I wish I was younger maybe I would like to give it another try

With out going into what was said I started to convince her we where not to old say there was older people than we are now into it, she said you know you are right but I don't know if I could,any way a little later she brought the subject up again, I was quite sure she was getting interested, she jest need me to push her a bit more, I didn't have to she did it herself, she asked how do people go about it nowadays do you think, it was my chance

I said they use the internet, lets have a look, in no time I found this site and others but this is the one we looked at, I must say Janet was interested but she said only to look at it

A day or two later I had look at the computer and Janet had been looking at the site when I was at work, it was only a short step to get her to look at it with me she slipped up by saying you should read some of the stories so by saying that she admitted she been on the site, it didn't take long and we joined and with in a week or so we where talking about an advert we got stuck on what to say in the profile, I told her we could put any thing she thought about or dreamed about it don't mean you got to do any of it

It came to a surprise she had written out some ideas, looking at them I could see her mentioned she would be interested in other women, when I said I never knew you where bi, she went red saying maybe I have thought about it but you said put any thing we wouldn't we don't have to do it, then I put husband likes to watch wife, she then said would you like to watch , I didn't go red I said yes I would , OH she said

We did get a advert and profile in, now what do we do, the replies came in, to start with Janet looked like she may back out but once again she was looking on the site when I was at work, it was then she said that bloker looks interesting, that was a bit of shock it was a bloke in his mid twenties about twenty years younger than Janet , I said what about me

She looked at me say you wanted to watch, she then asked what do we do now, I told her it was down to her she have to rely to him,so messaging started then emails, then Janet told me he asked for some photos and would I take some of her they where to be dressed and maybe a couple in underwear but my wife got carried away and she was posing naked some quite rude,we ended up shagging, next day she told me she send him some not rude ones which in the end was not quite true

So moving on, arrangements where made after some phone chats to meet him in a pub near us and if thing went well he come to ours, on the way and in the pub Janet seemed nervous

Chris was a little late and at first I felt awkward and think my wife felt much the same but Chris soon got us relaxed talking to us, it seemed he was an old hand at this he said he done this with couples before he knew it was our first time, some of the things he said made a lot of sense, it was something we could all enjoy in privet it was not like getting in a relationship, we where there to enjoy ourselves it was something that most likely would never happen any other way

So we when back home with him, he was chatting to Janet she seemed quite happy with him she held his hand when he did that I wanted to get in the house in case some one sore us

I went past them and opened the door, once inside with in moments he kissed her. seeing that made me feel a bit weird it was the way my wife held him and didn't object to him feeling her ares, that sort of kiss I thought was reserved for me

In the lounge I asked if any one would like a drink I had some wine, Chris asked for a coffee he was driving Janet wanted wine, I went to the kitchen I had to wait for the kettle to make the coffee, when I got back, I stopped in the door coffee and wine in my hand, there they were on the sofa, he was sitting up whispering something I couldn't catch it, my wife smiling and looking down as he undid the buttons on her blouse

When he undid the last one his hand went over a bra cup and squeezed it, they kissed as they did his hand pushed the bra up first one breast popped out then other, then he rolled each nipple between finger and thumb they looked quite erect, he then kissed her neck still playing with the nipples she love that her head was back eyes closed, he then went from her neck to one nipple sucking on it then to the other, Janet moaned out loud

I was almost shaking, I went in the room, it put a stop to them, they sat up it was a bit bizarre my wife sitting on our sofa with a almost stanger both large breasts exposed hanging down both nipples very siff, telling me to put the coffee and wine down on the table, then saying thank you darling but would you mind if Chris and me go upstairs I said okay a bit shocked it came so soon, we had talked about this beforehand, if it came to this or got this far she was happy with me watching but didn't want me in the room to close it may put her off she said

They stood up Janet came over to me kissed me on the cheek and whispered are you okay and are you sure, I nodded, she went back to Chris and said I show you my bedroom if you like

They both left and I heard them going upstairs, I was a bit stunted this was happening so quickly, I stayed in the lounge I don't know for how long a few minuets, then made my way upstairs, I reached the landing, there was low moaning noises coming from our bedroom

It was really strange hearing them I knew what maybe happening or going to happen I started to get erect, I got to the bedroom door which was half open, eased it wider open

and there they were on our bed both naked, he was kissing my wife she had his what looked like a sizeable cock in her hand, I would say I am average in that department he was bigger guessing it be about seven inches with much more girth than I have he had no foreskin the head was wider then the shaft it looked quite angry plum colored knob end it looked very stiff and hard to me it seemed quite veined they looked to be quite dark he moved his legs bit I could see his ballocks and he got a fire size pair between his legs

The snog over, Janet kissed his tummy then took his cock in her mouth as he lay back, the blow job, well that wasn't what I get from time to time, she sucked then licked the head then took in back in her mouth and sucked, she did something she not done with me she took more and more into her mouth and only stopped before she gagged then started going up and down with her mouth as if fucking it with her mouth, Chris seemed to enjoy that very much going by the noises he made I thought he may cum, she must of thought the same she stopped

She started licking all over his cock from top to bottom, then her head went between his legs

Her head was in the way but she must of been licking his balls or even sucking them, what ever it was he lifted his ares off the bed then after a few seconds ground as he held himself up,I was even more surprised by my wife when that was over, she told him lay still she then swung a leg over him to straddle him, I thought condoms they where by the bed

She had no intention in using them that was obvious, she looked down at him, then bent forward lifting herself up at the same time I watched her hand appear between her legs it lifted her cock up as she did she went higher to get it upright and in line with her pussy

Then gently and slowly eased down, as the helmet disappeared between her lips they hung either side of his cock she gasped then said loudly Jesus bloody Christ she gasped as a few more inches disappeared then a loud groan,she taken jest over half, it was like she couldn't accommodate much more, she lifted then move down on it this time she pressed harder and as she went all the way down she shouted Jesus Christ again she was impaled on it, I heard say fuck I am not used to this its bloody big, she sat there as if getting her breath bake, Chris had lay still as she impaled herself on his meat

I watched as her hips moved slowly at first she rocked herself I gussed getting used to it, she then moaned as she rolled her hips, then lifted a few inches before dropping down she started doing that going a bit higher all the time till she was using his full length in the end to fuck herself, when she was right up I could see between her legs her long pussy lips looked stretched and almost rapped round his shaft, now she was used to it she was really going at one point she shouted I love big cocks , I have never known my wife to be like this she was fucking him like a mad woman her large tits swinging all over the place as she bounced up and down, she don't normally make much noise when we fuck if I manage to get her to cum she sometimes gasp, she was now shouting I am cumming I am cumming then, what can only be called a scream she struggled to keep going then fell on top of him

Chris did no more about it he rolled her over onto her back shill inside her, and started to fuck her, and Jesus could he fuck, I don't think I was l could fuck like that when I was in my twenties he was a fucking machine, I didn't know if my forty four year old wife expected it but she was getting it, she had her legs in the air like a wide vie waving a bout with his thrusts the bed creaked it never done that before Janet had a massive climax he been fucking like that a good ten minuets I would say no man could last much longer at that pace Janet was having another climax as he let go his balls emptied inside her she had his full load, I had cum in my pants a big wet patch on my trousers I steeped back out of the doorway and went downstairs half an hour later they both came down Janet in a dressing gown Chris fully clothed he said his goodbyes adding hope I see you again and he left, we looked at each other not knowing what to say then Janet said with a smile did you see I told her I did didn't she notice, it seemed she didn't

I said he was some fuck, she giggled saying his got a bloody big one I am not use to that I asked is that why she got on top to start with she smiled and said yes I didn't want that forced into me, we both laughed, I asked about the condoms and said did you getr carried away

Janet smiled again saying no I wanted him bareback I told her it looked like she got it she said he had a hell of a load its still coming out of me,we had a hug and a cuddle she felt warm and smelt of sex

We ended up in bed Janet lay there and watched me explore her body her nipples where still quite extended from being so aroused as I lick and sucked each one my hand went between her legs I felt her thighs part my finger played with her long and swollen pussy lips, I move down to look at them, they looked puffy and enlarged

I ran my tongue over the bulge above the clitoris that is its hood, I licked over it she went HO I like that, I then opened the lips with my fingers her entrance was still quite open a trickle of sperm had ran out, as I watched it my head was pushed down my tongue licked all the way down the slit, I tasted an other man spunk for the first time

I started licking and sucking I didn't get much out of her she had lost it before I started, I was amazed to feel she was getting excited she said don't stop she climaxed very quickly, I came up for a very passionate kiss, as we kissed my wife pulled me on top of her my cock fell in her she was very loose her muscles didn't seem to grip me at all even so I think it was one of the best fucks I had in a long time it lasted a bout fife minuets before I cum she hugged me telling me she loved me

That was the start of a very new and different lifestyle