Written by T and L :hard and wet

13 Mar 2017

This happened to me and T on one hot summers day.

My name is L, I'm a 40 something woman who could be described as blonde, tall and very fit, with very pert sensitive breasts. Keeping in shape is one of my top priorities, which was how I met T, at the gym.

Well I was at my house deciding what to wear for a meeting with my boyfriend T.

We had been dating for some months and developed a very open relationship which made our sexual experiences amazing.

I picked to wear for our date a white flannel dress with buttons running down the front of the entire length.

Next an underwear dilemma, on of off. I want with half on, choosing a white shear thong and no bra.

Slipping the dress on the fabric felt so good on my breasts. checking myself in the mirror you could just see the white straps to my thong and the points of my nipples making me feel so sexy. The fabric brushing against my nipples making my pussy tingle. I thought T will love this as I grabbed my sunglasses, magazine and headed off to the park.

T was already there with a blanket laid out picnic basket and chilled wine.

The sight of T sent goose bumps across my body hardening my nipples. He wasn't wearing anything special just shorts and a tee shirt, he is tall blue eyed with a great body. Touching him and kissing him hello sent a tingle right to my pussy.

U look amazing said T as we sat down on the blanket, so do you I replied. We were talking,

drinking, kissing and touching.

I couldn't help but notice some guy not far from us keeping fit, I could see he had a great body and hard worked up quiet a sweat.

After out 3rd bottle of wine T was lying back almost dozing and I was reading my magazine.

The guy keeping fit took off his shirt and sat down at the bench opposite resting the sun, I notice he has amazing abs, chest and arms. I could also see the sweat running down his hot body.

The magazine I was reading was balanced on my thighs. I hadn't really noticed how much the dress had ridden up.

I was suddenly aware that the fit guy was looking at me.

It sent a bolt of pleasure through my body, I could feel my body break out in goose bumps which hardened my nipples so much that they were very visible under the opaque dress.

I whispered to T, that there was a man looking up my dress and I think he can see my sheer underwear.

I knew T also found this very erotic as we had talked many times about how much of an exhibitionist we were.

I leaned over to get my glass of wine aware that my legs parted wider sending a bolt of pleasure straight into my pussy.

T said describe him to me, I peered over my glasses and described him, adding that he is very hard.

I saw the same response from T as he hardens in his shorts, does it turn you on I asked? Yes T responded.

Well I said I took off my magazine and let the dress ride up further as I pushed myself up onto my elbows. I undid the top button of my dress and moved my feet another 12 inches apart. He was looking straight at me now. I said to T in a low husky voice, I can feel me pussy pulsating, seeing T harden further at my words, his cock looking amazing through the silky shorts.The fit guy had taken out his cock and started to stroke it.

I said to T he must be at least 8 inches long.

I opened my legs further and ran one of my red fingernails along the inside of my thigh. I knew I was soaking wet even before I touched my hard clit. This sent shockwaves through my body.

The fit guys cock looked massive and ready to explode. I put my finger to my mouth as I looked directly as him. I said to T feel how wet I am. T was slowly stroking his hard cock I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear, his other hand gently moved up my thigh to my sheer underwear. He pulled it to one side as he easily slipped his fingers in .

I was so wet, feeling the summer breeze on my wet pussy as T hands skilfully bringing me to a climax. My pussy was pulsating hard as I orgasmed over T hand the wetness running down my legs and bum. I saw the fit guy jerk and his hot white cum dripping over his tight fist. I looked at T and I could see how turned on he was, the wetness seeping through the thin fabric of his shorts his cock twitching ..... I wanted to feel him inside me.

I said to T it was time to go now needless to say our love making that afternoon was amazing, but that's a different story for another time.