Written by Adam T

9 Aug 2018

My wife and I have been married for 2 years and whilst we don’t; swing as such we get off by letting someone watch us fuck.

We are both in our early 30’s and have a very healthy sex life. We make love about 5 times a week which is easy for me because she is way out of my league gorgeous. Ginger hair, pale skin with freckles all over her ample chest, we may be just watching TV when one of us either accidentally touches the others hand which leads to some poking and touching and the next thing we are fucking on the sofa or she’s riding my cock.

But sometimes we just like to make love on the bed slowly and one evening whilst it was still light we were doing just that. I was inside my wife and slowly fucking her, we had been making love like this for ages and I noticed that she started moaning loader and deeper than she usually does but didn’t appear to be concentrating. I laughed and asked her who she was dreaming of fucking her, she grabbed my head and pulled it down next to hers and told me not to look up but that we were being watched.

Apparently, this had happened a few times, I girl in her early 20 had watched is a few times. I asked her what she was doing now, and my wife told me that she was touching herself, with that she started to thrust herself into my cock and moan until we climaxed. Apparently, this had happened a few times when we made love, she appears at the window and looks down on us touching herself.

The next evening, I was a bit tense, I wanted to see her for myself but the wife didn’t want to scare her off. She lay on her back looking hotter than ever, her nice big tits with bright red thick nipples laying there begging to be sucked and her smooth pussy begging for my cock. I knelt between her legs with my hard cock ready for action but we wanted to wait for our admirer. Then my wife looked at me and simply said ‘ she’s hear, fuck me slowly’. I slid into her wet pussy, lay on top of my sexy wife and slowly screwed her. I was desperate to look up at our friend but daren’t spoil everything. My wife let out a quiet cry ‘oh fuck’ and wrapped her legs round my bum. ‘she’s watching us, I asked her to describe what she was doing but was shocked at the detail my wife went into.

‘she’s beautiful, she’s amazing, her breasts are perfect and she’s squeezing them, she’s standing on something and she has her finger inside her’. I started to thrust harder but she begged me to slow down, I told her to tell me more, to describe her. ‘She has long black hair, a beautiful face and a perfect body, she’s pressing her small breasts against the window and her breath is misting up the glass’. The my wife told me to fuck her harder so I obliged, she likes me to talk dirty to her so I asked her if she wanted her to join us, she said ‘yes, fuck I want her in the middle of us and I want to fuck her myself, we can fuck her together’. I stopped and looked at her, she apologised ‘I’m sorry, I just do’ and then she told me to fuck her hard. My wife didn’t take her eyes off our friend.

It was the best sex we had ever had, I told my wife to imagine our friend was with us and this made her go crazy. She howled and squealed until we came together.

This has gone on for a little while now. I now know her name but will never tell. My wife saw her in Tesco and heard some call her name, apparently, they looked at each other and smiled.

I asked if she wanted to approach her and get to know her for a threesome but my wife said that would cause too much trouble and besides she doesn’t thing that the girls is much older than late teens or early 20’s and feel that’s too young. And besides, no one knows if its me or her that she’s watching.

I am a little gutted that I haven’t seen her myself but will try and look without it being too obvious.