Written by Herts Tog

1 Sep 2015

This is a very true account on a model who really surprised me, I shoot a lot of ladies who never tell there partners they are having a shoot, but that's fine by me it's each to there own I never judge.

Having had the pleasure of shooting various models from a 18 year old clothed model naturally with her mum present, to a 65 year old very fit lady, it's always a bit of a surprise on whom you meet like this lady she was really good for her age.

I advertise on various model sites for new potential models, and anyone who shoots models will tell you that you get your number of dreamers who say what they want but never deliver, when I say that I mean they say they want clothed, underwear topless and nude, but a lot just dream and you never hear from them ever again.

I had this lady Pat contact me she was in her mid 40's and enquiring about a shoot asking me what I shot and did the photos get used etc. and as usual my reply was I shoot whatever you want from clothed to adult, and no the photos will remain between you and I and full respect will be given, she then tells me I have never done this before and is it a problem ? No as long as you enjoy the shoot you will be fine and only do the levels you are happy with in the shoot, she replied saying she wanted to cover all including playing with toys now anyone will tell you again this happens a lot on what models want but when it comes to it they either disappear or when you meet they have changed there minds, but that's not a problem as I said full respect is given.

Then the text messages started on saying how sexy she felt about it and how she couldn't wait to get her kit off for me, again I just take it with a pinch of salt as I've heard it all before, but the messages got sexier and sexier so I played along with it just sending her sexy messages back, then she told me she had great nipples so I said send a picture and to my surprise she did stating when we met I could suck them, yea ok I said, I will bring some toys for you to play with, yea ok I said that would be nice, not even thinking this will even happen.

Pat told me we couldn't shoot at hers and could we shoot at mine, but as we were about 60 miles apart we decided as the shoot was free I would pay for a hotel room for the shoot, so we arranged to meet in Luton about halfway between us, the date was set and it was just a waiting game with more sexy text, I'm thinking my god she is very sexy about this but still thinking it will never happen, anyway the day came for our meet I turned up but no sign of Pat, but then the phone rang asking where the hotel was I said just of the M1 and she said oh I know see you in about 10 minutes, sure enough Pat arrived not like I imaged her but still very nice, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went into the hotel had a coffee and a chat and made our way to the room, still chatting and I was sorting out my gear Pat seemed really relaxed especially as this was our first meet and she had never done it before, we started shooting clothed then underwear then topless and her nipples were very pert and very large I was shooting away telling her how to pose and saying how sexy she was, most models enjoy the banter and Pat was no different, now I never touch or suggest I want to I just have a laugh to relax them, as we are shooting and Pat's on the bed she said well are you going to enjoy my nipples or not, I was a bit shocked to be honest, she said come and play and suck them for me, so I did as I was asked and I was not disappointed as I rolled them between my teeth Pat was enjoying it, she then asked me to play with her pussy as she was very wet and again I did as I was told, then she reached into her bag and gave me a rampant rabbit to play with, this lady knew just what she wanted in the shoot, but to my surprise she wasn't interested in the photos what so ever, which I found strange.

It turns out she was being ignored by her husband and wanted to have some fun with a complete stranger, she had made it clear she didn't want sex or sexual contact with me in anyway, but I could have sexual contact with her to give her pleasure again this wasn't a problem, I appreciate some guys probably couldn't handle that and would want more, but to be honest I didn't even get aroused as I was doing the shoot and I knew that was it, it's all a matter of self control, trust me this was the best shoot I have ever had, as I have always said I give full respect but who am I to turn down an offer of fun, we are supposed to be meeting again for another day but if it happens great if it doesn't then not a problem.