Written by colonist

12 Jan 2012

This happened in the early nineties when I worked for one of the big off licence chains. There was a girl who I occasionally worked with called Joanne, she normally worked at a different shop, but she would do overtime sometimes where I was based. We were both about 19 at this point. She was nice enough, but to be honest she was a bit thick, if I said something funny she would laugh, but too hard for how funny it was, and then go on to explain to me why it was funny, as if I didn't know. She also didn't get any sort of clever jokes. She wasn't terribly easy on the eye either, not actually ugly, but certainly not pretty.

One day I made some comment when I was just talking (but not really thinking) about the kind of girl I would like to date, and she didn't answer. When I looked around from what I was doing she had gone. I looked in the back office, and she was sat there crying. I asked what was wrong and she said that I didn't really like her , initially I thought I had offended her and was quite embarrassed, but then she finally managed to explain she had been in love with me for a few months. I was flattered but unsure what to do about it, but she went on to say that she would do anything for me, have sex, follow me anywhere, anything basically, and then burst into tears again.

At this suggestion I suddenly got a bit excited, I went up and took hold of her and cuddled her, and suggested that we could be special friends at least. I had only had a few drunken fondles and crap pissed shags at this age, and was keen to do more so thought that little Joanne might be suitable.

We went for a drink after work, and I was soon kissing her and got a finger up her sat in the pub, which was particularly fun as I knew the landlord quite well from going in there all the time, and he was looking over and seeing me fingering her. We had a few drinks and at at leaving time I took her down an alley was on the way to the tube and made her get her tits out, and had a play and suck. She was a bit shy about letting me do this but didn't try to stop me.

I arranged to meet up and go back to her house the next day, as her mum was going to be out at work. We met in town and on our way to Acton I was asking her about her sexual history which she freely gave. She had had a long term boyfriend a couple of years before, who she used to fuck, but hadn't done anything more with as it was “dirty” according to her. We got into her house, and I was a bit nervous, first I made sure her mum had definitely gone out, but then, as I had been planning told her to get on her knees. She really didn't know what was going to happen, which made it all the more exciting when I got out my semi and told her to suck it.

I could see she was reluctant, but I just told her she had to and questioned if she did actually loved me, telling her she would enjoy doing it if she did love me. That got her going on it. She wasn't very good, but I quickly worked out fucking her head, holding her against a sofa. I got almost too excited when soon after starting she complained that my dick tasted of piss. I hadn't even thought of that aspect, but the thought that she was having to taste it turned me on a lot. Finally in answer to that the old school boy question that was going through my head, I made her swallow not spit.

Due to the wonders of youth, I was soon ready to go again, and she was quite happy to let me fuck her. I was concerned about not coming too quickly, so I really tried to last and was surprised when she came after not very long. Later in life I realised that she was a woman who came very easily, at least with me, but I didn't know that at the time.

After that fist date, we saw each other quite regularly, I basically used her to do whatever I wanted, and was enough of a bastard that I denied several times to people when she was with me that we were an item, which upset her a lot, and would have cost me nothing to agree to. Eventually I got bored and dumped her, not knowing at that point that I wouldn't ever get a set up like that coming along again.