Written by NeUk

24 Jul 2016

I'd chatted to Katy on line for few months now ,I was 34 single own place she 36 married looking for a friend we arranged a meet her husband would drop her at mine for whole night pick her up in morning .

the night came a silver bmw stopped at my gate I got my first look at her as she walked down the path ,best described as younger carol kirkwood the weather presenter for hair figure in thigh high black dress knee high boots as I opened the door to greet her she turned waved at car it pulled away she was mine now for better or worse till morning

I had wine waiting for Her she was nervous at first but we soon got into our chat room flirting mode she relaxed

She said she was shy so we just sat watching tv a while my arm on her shoulder my hand touching her neck ear hair just gently watching her reaction to my touch and her breasts rising falling my hand slid around to unzip her dress she lent forward as I un zipped it all way down slipping it off her shoulders to reveal black lace bra she lifted up as I tugged her dress under her bum un zipped her boots I placed it on chair we sat back her in black lace bra panties stockings I began to kiss her neck her breathing was heavy I pulled her to the floor on to large soft rug in front of fire

Holding her hands in mine I spread her arms out wide like a crucifix as I knelt over her kissing her neck down over her breasts I licked over her bra sucked at her nipples through it then over her stomach I placed her hands behind her head told her not to move them as I kissed over her panties I could smell her sex that wet pussy smell that says I am ready

I slipped her panties down over her stockings and off opening her legs as wide as they would go began to kiss her thighs working up in towards her pussy smooth shaved ,,I opened the lips wider blew on her clit ran my tongue up over it she shuddered her breathing heavy as I closed my lips over her pussy my tongue began to dart over her clit ,I could feel her stomach tighten contract moans escaped her lips she began to shake her thighs trembling as I worked her clit faster harder suddenly her thighs squeezed around my head she groaned panting her hands grabbed my hair as she came I carried on licking as her whole body shook her hands went to her face she whimpered as as I licked her shaking into another orgasm tears ran down her cheeks as the emotion escaped her

She'd already warned me she cried when she came I was proud I'd made her come but kept licking turning into quivering orgasmic panting extremely sexually aroused woman I came up for air kissing back up her body letting her taste herself on my lips

That was nice she said we sat back in sofa her head on my chest her hand running over my jeans trading my very hard cock she un did them no under wear her hand touched bare flesh sliding in her fingers wrapping around my clock I lifted slid my jeans down openin my legs a little her hand cradled my shaved balls she pulled back the foreskin held it there as her lips slid over the head of my cock her tongue flicking the slit then she kissed up down the shaft my balls before sucking the head again this time bobbing on off my cock it felt amazing I was fighting to stay in control she began to wank my shaft holding the head in her mouth this was too much for me my body tensed I felt spurt after spurt fill her mouth

She as promised swallowed it all sucking me clean

We went to bed where I fucked her she rode me into early hours I woke with her facing away from me my hand slipped around her waist up to squeeze her breasts she moaned approval my hard cock against her back she pushed back against me

Ever had anal sex ? No she replied want too?ok but if it hurts I'll scream she said I reached over to bed side draw for condom and some lube free sample with vibrator I'd bought for. Exgirl friend

With her still on her side I lubed my cock I got her to hold her cheeks apart gently pressed against her.

Gently the tip entered her she gasped I withdrew pressed again more lube I kept pressing til I felt the head of my cock inside her she was panting ok?i asked how's it feel? Different quiet nice,more? I asked yes don't stop now she said I pressed against her she gasped again I moved her fingers to her pussy felt her rubbing her clit I slowly began to move she moaned I could tell she was going to come again her bum pulsing around my shaft as I pumped slowly in out settling in just moving the head in out as it gave me best sensation she seemed to be loving it judging by her breathing speed of her fingers

I too was close began to speed up as I felt her come I pushed deep unloaded deep inside her she shook cried out again we lay no wanting moment to end

Her phone rang she grabbed it it was hubby are you ok he asked yes was he ok will you met him again oh yes she said I'll be there in about an hour to pick you up he ok luv u he was gone me still buried in his wife's bum

We did meet for about a year every month till his job took him and her abroad but that's another story

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