Written by sexyblondewife

10 Feb 2010

Hi everybody,

It all started last Monday. I took my wife out for the day to Stratford. The wife is 35 years old, nearly 6ft in her high heels, with a curvy figure, long blonde hair, huge rounded tits and a long pair of legs to die for. She always dresses to impress and Monday was no exception. Black knee high boots, a very short tartan skirt, that just covered the tops of her lace top nude holdups, a tiny black thong and a sexy black top that showed off her ample bosom.

She got plenty of attention while we walked around the shops, her teasing a few guys in bed shops as she lay down, trying out the beds and giving the sales assistants an eyeful of stockingtop and ass-cheek.

We had lunch in a pub by the river then decided to jet home. Feeling horny from the days antics, I pulled into a lay-by behind 3 lorries and she sucked my throbbing cock. After a few minutes I told her to get out of the car and she strolled along behind the lorries, looking back at me and giving me a cheeky smile. I watched as she knocked on the door of the first lorry. She spoke with the driver for a second and then walked back over to me.

I asked what she said to him and she said she asked him the time. Anyway, she had got his attention as I watched him eyeing her up in his wing mirror. We stayed behind his lorry and she bent over and took out my cock and started sucking me off with her back to the driver. I saw him watching so I decided to lean over and pull up her skirt, slip her thong to one side and slide to fingers into her juicy cunt while the driver watched in his mirror.

This all got too much and we ended up fucking in the car on the side of the road before going home.

After this episode, we fucked every night after and every night the lorry driver was the topic of the "role-play". Her eyes closed tightly as she imagined being fucked by the drivers hard cock in his cab.

That's basically where it all started..........tonight was a different story.

We went to Cheltenham to watch a comedy show at the town hall and on the way back......I pulled into a lay-by behind two lorries.

She had a tight black mini on with her knee high boots and black stockings and suspenders.

We got out of the car and had a walk along in the dark, behind the lorries but they had their curtains drawn. She looked a little pissed off, so I moved behind her and started to squeeze her tits while I slid my fingers inside her already wet panties. I fingered her there for a few minutes before bending her over and sliding my rock-hard cock into her. she moaned loudly and after a few minutes I noticed the curtain in the cab twitch.

A small Spanish looking guy peered out though the window, watching me fuck my wife. It didn't take him long to open the door and climb down. He was quite short with a moustache and looked like he was in his late fifties. He just came and stood next to me staring hard at my cock sliding in and out of my wife.

He looked at me then moved around facing me, placing a hand on each of my wife's ass cheeks and pulling them apart, as if to let my cock get a little deeper. My wife moaned even louder as she felt another man's hands touch her.

He then moved his hand down towards her pussy, parting two fingers and sliding them down, so his knuckles rubbed against my cock as I pumped her.

Not long after I slid my cock out and watched to see what he'd do. Straight away he slid two of his short stumpy fingers into my wife as she stood, still bent over with her hands against the truck.

His fingers got faster and more rough as he bent slightly forward and started to force his tongue against her asshole. She loved this, by the sound of it.

He then shouted something(which I assume was the name of his driving buddy) As another slightly younger man, that looked like he had just woken up peered out of the open door.

It didn't take him long to jump down and start feeling the Mrs stockinged legs while his older friend continued to finger fuck her roughly.

The younger guy was quick in unleashing his hard cock, moving towards her face with it, unsure of the reaction he was going to get but as soon as she opened up her eyes for a second and saw the stiff prick near her face, she hungrily started to suck on it without a second thought.

This went on for a ten minutes or so, then the younger guy took her hand and tried to lead her up into the cab, the old guy with his hands all over her ass and legs as they guided her in.

I stood wanking my cock for a few minutes as they bundled her inside and once the coast was clear I decided to climb up into the cab to see what was going on.

They had moved her into the sleeping area behind the front seats, which was hidden behind a curtain. I could hear her moaning and I pulled back the curtain to see the younger of the two in between her legs fucking her like a maniac. Her long stockinged legs up in the air, with her head back and eyes closed while the older guy freed her large tits and started squeezing them and biting her nipples.

I was almost cumming at the sight of two dirty old Spanish guys, using my wife and sliding their unprotected cocks into her.

I knew these guys weren't the usual sort of guy she goes for but she was loving being such a dirty whore.

The guy fucking her mumbled something in Spanish and then pulled out his cock and moved around to her face, then within seconds sprayed hot cum all over her face and tits while the old guy pulled out quite a large thick cock from his trousers and positioned himself in between her legs.

She gasped loudly as he sunk himself into her, stretching her wide. She sounded like she loved the little old guys cock as she screamed like I've never heard her before but it didn't last long as his ass cheeks clenched and he dumped his seed inside her.

We left shortly after and I've been fucking her pretty much all night.