Written by Mrs

13 Mar 2017

A few years ago I was in a night club with my girlfriends. One of the girls had been dancing on the stage and had come back to the group telling us she had just been fingered by some bloke and that he was doing it to everybody. I was immediately turned on by the thought and could feel myself getting rather wet. I went up onto the crowded stage and started dancing. The excitement at being fingered, something I love and the thought that he had been touching all those pussys and may touch mine was thrilling. After a few songs I felt a hand touching the outside of my thigh from behind me. Having not been pushed away I felt it slide round to my arse and into my knickers. My heart was racing and my cunt soaking. First he slid one finger inside me and then realising I was more than up for it he slid in another. I took a step to the side opening up my legs so he could really get inside me. With that he put his other hand across my stomach and pushed me back onto his fingers. He fingered me as hard and fast as he could making me cum in front of everyone on the stage. I have no idea who he was what he looked like or if he was in fact a women but it felt awesome.