Written by denise

11 Jan 2011

Paul had always been telling me he would like to see me getting fucked by another guy. We go away alot for weekends, so the oppertunity is always there.

Lets take it slow I said. I want to snog some one first then we will take it from there. We were in Caernarfon at the weekend, Paul had not mentioned anything about snogging or any thing about sex, which is unusual for him. We were having a drink in the Castell pub, there was a large group at a table at the far end of the pub, mainly couples, but one guy kept looking over at me. I never said a word to Paul. I got up and went to the toilet, as I passed the table and he smiled at me.

When I came out of the toilet he was standing outside the ladies, there was not much room to pass, as I squeezed past him he told me that he had been watching me and wanted a kiss.He was good looking so I thought why not. There was some stairs near the toilets so we moved under them, he took my head in his hands and kissed me on the lips, then pulled away and looked at me and kissed me again. This time his tongue went between my lips and met with my tongue, we both opened our mouths wide and had a full on sexy snog. One of his hands slipped down and caressed my breast, squeezing it hard, feeling my hardened nipple through my top.I rubbed the front of his trousers feeling his hard cock. "I want to fuck you" he said "shhhhh" I said and rubbed his cock harder. I pulled his zip down and put my hand in his pants and wanked him, his hand had now found the front of my leggings, rubbing the material in to me, pushing a finger up me, I was soaking. It wasnt long till he tried to get in side my pants but I wanted him to fetch me off through my pants.He fingered me through my leggings and fetched me off, I wanked him off in his trousers "Next time I am here we will fuck, you can come back to the hotel and we will fuck"

When I got back to the table I said to Paul"I have a surprise to tell you later" We finished our drinks and left the pub, walking past a backings I grabbed paul and put his hand on my crutch, it was soaking. We rushed back to the hotel and Pauls face was sniffing and licking at my leggings as soon as we got in. Then I gave him a nice slow wank and told him everything that had happened. More to come...........