Written by TomJac

3 Feb 2014

(see parts 1 & 2)

Jaci decided that we should be going as I think she was getting worried how fast things had moved. So Bernie stood up in front of Jaci, his hard cock sticking out right in front of her face. I said why dont you have a little taste of it, she said I have a little cold sore on my lip so would rather not. This was true so I told just to open her mouth and feel it on her tongue, she rather reluctantly complied with my request. She let her tongue come out of her mouth and Bernie eagerly laid his cock on it and moved it forward a little untill there was about 2 inches in Jacis mouth, but she had her mouth open so her sore lip was not touching his cock. I noticed a dribble of pre-cum on the end of his cock and it ran onto Jacis tongue. She then pulled her mouth off of his cock and closed her mouth with the cum still on her tongue. Bernie just got out and went in the house and came back with towels for us, then said he would make a drink. I said to Jaci how wonderful the experience had been and did she like his cum on her tongue. She said it was strange but didnt know there was any cum. There was about a teaspoon of precum, so she had to have noticed, probably felt a little embarrassed by this turn of events. We went inside and Bernie was all over her with flattery, telling her how he had been so turned on and excited by her wonderful breasts. She was drinking her coffee and Bernie went up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders, Jaci had put on a thin strapped camisole top and his hands were starting to wander a bit, again she made a token protest that we should go, but I gave her a pleading look and she said no more. Bernies hands had lost all traces of discretion and were openly fondling Jacis tits, she made no move to stop him when he slid the straps of her top over her shoulders and her tits came into view for us all. His hands were roughly squeezing them and Jacis face showed that he was hurting her a little, he just looked up at me and smiled, I didnt say anything, I guess he knew I was enjoying it as much as him. I said we had better go and he leant forward to give each tit a goodbye kiss, except he bit each nipple enough to make Jaci gasp, but not complain. He said you really must come back soon. Jaci just smiled as she put her tits away. I just knew we had to go back as he had asked.

The next time we went back, things really moved on. (to be continued after we have been shopping...lol)