Written by TomJac

4 Feb 2014

It had been a couple of weeks since Jaci and I last visited Bernie. I had stayed in touch with him while at work on the web. At first he had raved about how he had a great time and saying how lucky I was having a sexy woman like her available whenever I felt like it, gradually he became a little more pushy with me. He said the next time Jaci and I came over he wanted her pussy to be shaved by me and made smooth for him, when I told Jaci she agreed to let me shave her. He told me he wanted her full of his cum when she next left his house, when I relayed this to Jaci she said "Yeah right that isnt going to happen I'm not happy with his attitude" I didnt want things to finish so I told her I would have a word with him and get him to change his attitude. On the morning of the day that we had arranged to visit him I had to go out and decided that if I went to Bernies house alone and explained the situation he would rein in his behaviour a little or he may put Jaci off as we hadn't gone this far before. I phoned him to let him know we were coming later but that I wanted to see him to explain a few rules first. He agreed and when I rang his doorbell he opened the door and stood just behind the door and said come in, when I walked in he closed the door and I saw he had his cock out. He said this is what you want isn't it? I seemed hypnotised by it, it had precum hanging from the end of it. As he rubbed it, it started to dribble. There was about 6 inches of thick cum hanging from it. He told me to try it out before Jaci did, I have always been quite submissive, but I felt so uneasy about this, but still found myself kneeling in front of Bernie. He got his hand and gathered all his dribbling precum and smeared it back on the knob end of his cock. He then told me to open my mouth and take his cock in it, I couldnt resist obeying, forgetting what I had originally come round for. I sucked a cock for the first time in my life, it felt so natural, I loved the feeling, I loved the taste of his still dribbling cum juice. I hadn't realised that much precum happened. He said he had always been a heavy cummer. He took his cock from my mouth and went and sat in an armchair to make himself more comfortable the told me to come over and finish what I'd started. I was in front of him on the floor and was doing everything he asked, pushing him into my throat and gagging because of it, licking and sucking his balls. I was quickly getting carried away when he said that I'd better stop now and go home and get my little slut wife for him. I really wanted for him to cum in my mouth but I thought I'd get some later. So off I went to get Jaci. He said he wanted her to come round dressed like a naughty schoolgirl. stockings, suspenders, stilleto heels and NO knickers. I knew Jaci wouldn't take kindly to these requests but relayed the to her. She went mad, who does he think he is, we dont need him in our lives. I said it was all a fantasy come true for me but I understand her feelings. She stormed off and about an hour later came in the room dressed as he had asked. Just this time then, but he better not expect too much of me. She put on a long coat to preserve her modesty in front of any neighbours that were around and got in the car. I reached over and put my hands up her very short mini skirt...No knickers, I was in heaven for a second time that day. We got to Bernies and as the first visit, I had a video camera and a Nikon SLR to set up for mementos of the visit. I set the video up and the Nikon on a tripod to automatically take pictures every 10 seconds so I could be as involved as I wanted. While I setting up and positioning everything Bernies hands were roaming all over Jaci, she looked a little sheepish, nowhere near as confident as she was at home. His hands had her tits out and were pinching her nipples hard, then he looked over at me and pushed he is other hand up Jacis skirt, it was so short I could see his fingers push into her cunt lips and then saw her bend slightly so her thighs parted for more access. My cock was so hard at this sight. Then Bernie took Jaci to the sofa and sat her down, I finished setting up and went with my cock out to her, she just took my cock in her mouth and sucked me in front of Bernie. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bernie stripping his clothes off. Then he was on the couch next to me with Jaci in between. "Lets see if the slut can take two cocks at once" I was stunned that anyone would use such a phrase in front of her. But Jaci just turned to him and took his cock in her mouth like she had done it a million times before. But in reality I had been the only guy she been with since we married all those years ago. I wanted my cock sucked again and pushed it towards her mouth. She said she wanted both cocks in her at the same time and opened her mouth even wider. It wasn't as successful as I hoped but I now had pictures of her sucking two cocks and they would be great for the family album...lol Jaci seemed to have lost all her inhibitions and seemed like she couldn't get enough depravity. Bernie said he wanted her to suck him dry while I fucked her. He sat on the couch with her between his legs on her knees. She started to suck him, with great enthusiasm I got between her legs and started to push my cock into one very wet cunt, the camera was flashing all the time recording all of this. My mind was in turmoil, I was never going to last long, but this was ridiculous. I was only fucking her for about a minute and the thought and sight of all this was too much, I started to pump my cum into her belly, groaning loudly. I took my cock out and went to give it to Jaci to clean off the cum residue, Bernie said is that Jacis cum dribbling on your cock and pulled me into his mouth, another first for me. When he had sucked me for a while I went and took the camera off of the tripod and started taking close-up pictures of his cock in Jacis mouth. I could see traces of cum trickling from the corner of Jacis lips. Then Bernie started yelling "Take my cum you slut" "Take my cum you slut" his cock came out of her mouth and sprayed some on her cheek and nose before she took it back in for him to finish. She looked at me smiling and said was that good enough for you? She told me to kiss her. Her face was smeared with Bernies cum and I got a finger and picked up a dribble and pushed it in her mouth, to my surprise she did the same to me pushing a cum covered finger in my mouth. I sucked it without thinking, all the time Bernie was watching and recovering his hardness. (to be continued or is this enough?)